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25th CHEA Bay Area Convention

Workshop Descriptions and Syllabus Pages

Scroll down to find a link to syllabus pages that have been provided by speakers. Not all speakers provide syllabus pages.

Keynote Speakers

Hal and Melanie Young

Never Give Up—the Critical Importance of Finishing What You’ve Started (Keynote Session)
It’s easy to get burned out, tired and overwhelmed homeschooling, and as the years pass, how can we press on through the opposition of the world, the flesh, and the devil and do what we know is right? This funny, hopeful and encouraging session looks at the importance of finishing what you’ve started and making it all the way to graduation.

Homeschooling Is Not Enough
Homeschooling is not enough, because none of it will matter if they don’t follow Christ. Many homeschoolers hope and pray that because they’ve homeschooled, their children will turn out all right, but unfortunately, we are seeing a number of homeschooled children turning away from God in rebellion. We can’t make our children serve Christ, but we can make sure we aren’t standing in the way. Find out about the power of delighting in your children and loving them as Christ loves us. Hear how to point them to the Savior and teach them to serve Him!

My Beloved and My Friend
Homeschool marriages are breaking up everywhere. How can this be? What is wrong when a family at the forefront of the culture war spins apart? If you homeschool, you know you are in a spiritual battle. Don’t let your marriage be the weak point in your armor. Find out about challenges your marriage may face, and how to work it through, not just to stay together, but to find joy and strength in each other as you mirror the relationship of Christ and the church to your children–and the rest of the world.

Download SyllabusRaising Real Men
In spite of what the culture is telling us, boys and girls are different. Have you ever had a war break out in the middle of history lesson, or had a single math lesson take three hours? Then you’re probably raising boys. If the world seems intent on gender-bending and forcing our sons into a feminized mold, Hal and Melanie, parents of six boys, explain the Biblical way out–and a better way to turn homeschool wigglers into Christian men.

Melanie Young

Download SyllabusSanity’s In The Freezer: Bulk-cooking to Save Time and Money
Learn how to have real meals again. Don’t worry if you have tried once-a-month cooking and didn’t like the mess. Melanie didn’t like that either. Find out how to feed your family well on less money and how to serve great dinners with minimal time in the kitchen. This is a real favorite of attendees.

Hal Young

I’m Not So Sure About This
(For Fathers, or Those Considering Homeschooling)
So your mate wants to homeschool your children, but you are full of questions, concerns and uneasiness. Will they get into college? Can they find a job? Will they have any friends? What about sports? Will we be weird? Hal has answered the concerns of hundreds of new homeschoolers and he’ll help you find out the truth and figure out what’s best for your family.

Teen Workshops

Daniel Craig

Study like a Genius: Unlocking Your Brain
All learning is founded on one key—the ability to take in information and then remember it. Unfortunately, most people are never taught how to effectively learn. Each school year, students spend countless hours studying, only to have the information seemingly disappear when they need it most. Whether a parent or student, in this interactive and practical session, you will learn how to use study tools such as speed reading and memory techniques to exponentially increase your study potential. Discover practical ways to implement memory tools such as the “peg” system and mind-maps in academics, work, and everyday life.

Bachelor’s Degree by Age 18: Inspiring Students with a Vision
How did our Founding Fathers graduate from college at 15, 16, and 17 years old? This practical session gives an inspiring overview to what has happened to education and how today’s students can maximize their high school study by incorporating a rapid version of dual credit into their daily schedule using the curriculum they are already studying! Topics covered include how to earn dual credit, a suggested daily schedule, and much more. A shortcut to life or graduate studies, this concept saves thousands of dollars and years of time. Learn how to graduate from college by the same time your peers are graduating high school. We’re serious!

5 Secrets for Aspiring Entrepreneurs
What does it mean to be an entrepreneur? Is entrepreneurialism just for a select few, or is it something that even young people should pursue? Regardless of who you are, or where you work, the Word of God gives us a number of fundamental keys to personal growth and true success in life. In Scripture, we are taught that the basics of entrepreneurialism–responsibility, initiative and ownership - are important, not just for business owners, but also for young people who are just beginning to make their way in life. Now, you too will be challenged to think of yourself as an entrepreneur. In this session, you will learn five powerful, yet practical keys to developing as an entrepreneur. You will gain an understanding of why they are essential and how you can implement them.

Do Something! Off the Conveyor Belt and into Real Life
No matter where we turn, we're facing an epidemic of visionless, clueless, fantasy-driven young people. Stuck in an education system which fosters this disconnect from reality, few Millennials, even Christians, are able to successfully bridge the gap into real life. From the perspective of a millennial, Daniel calls students to adopt a new paradigm for his generation in light of God's word. Don't attend this session unless you are ready to be challenged with a new vision for life and an awakened understanding of the responsibilities God calls every young person to fulfill.

General Speakers

Jere Allen

My Kid Hates Math, What Do I Do?
“My child is always struggling in math. . .she breaks into tears and tells me it’s too hard.” Do you find your child is not progressing the way you think he or she should? We continually hear the criticism that math is not relevant, but the real issue is to make math meaningful to our children. We’ll take a look at the different levels of math and their purposes, how to avoid math phobia and how to put our kids on a track to be successful. This interactive session will take your challenges and develop strategies to make math fun in your family.

Download SyllabusSusan Beatty

Getting Started
Beginning home education can be bewildering. If you need to know where to start, what your choices are, and how to set up your homeschool, this workshop will take you step-by-step through the process. You will receive an explanation of programs and a brief overview of teaching approaches, courses of study, setting up records, and more.

Denise Boiko

Download SyllabusSharpen Your #2 Pencils:
Preparing for the SAT Exam

Three little letters (SAT) strike fear into the hearts of students and parents alike. Moreover, the “alphabet soup” of SAT, PSAT, and ACT—not to mention SAT Subject Tests—can intimidate even the most proactive parents. Discover how to navigate this perplexing path and choose a preparation method that matches your student's learning style, motivation, and schedule.

Gail Efting

Teaching History
Ideas have consequences. Are we teaching history to fulfill an obligation? Pad a transcript? Or change lives? Knowing names, places, and dates isn’t enough. To be discerning future leaders, our students need to understand the flow of ideas which create our world today. Join us as we explore options, discuss challenges, and discover how to effectively prepare our students for tomorrow.

Writing for the Real World
We learn to write for academic purposes, but life is so much more than that. Just as we inform or persuade, enchant or horrify, inspire or deter others face to face, so we can do the same with the written word. Gail Efting will give you the tools and encouragement to write for life, comfortably, creatively, and effectively.

Economics and American Government
Our students need to be able to make wise economic choices. They also need to develop a deep understanding and biblical perspective on current political issues and governmental and economic systems. We will focus on the important components of these areas of study, the benefits of various types of learning, and the many options for curriculum and instructional choices.

Learning with (dis)Abilities
Teaching a child with (dis)abilities can be stressful. Demands are high, the grief process is real, and pressures on marriages can be daunting. But we are all enabled by God in some way. Join us as we develop skills using our strengths, applying the different ways we absorb knowledge, and working effectively within each child’s design, to turn learning from trauma into delight.

Kendra Fletcher

Download SyllabusPreschoolers, Preparation, and Peace
How do I educate the older children in my home while keeping the toddler out of trouble? Homeschooling with preschoolers underfoot is all Kendra Fletcher has ever known. If you need a boost of encouragement and some fresh ideas for gaining peace in your homeschool this coming school year, then join Kendra as she shares from her home where eight children reside.

Download SyllabusChoosing Curriculum
Confused by the choices? Overwhelmed by the vendor hall? Straightforward advice on choosing the curriculum that fits your family best, from seasoned homeschooling mom and curriculum reviewer for The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, Kendra Fletcher.

Science for Moms Who Don’t Like Science
Science is a daunting subject to teach if you don’t love it or feel you don’t know a whole lot about it. Come learn about approaches to elementary science, junior high science, and even high school science from a mom just like you.

Kim Garoutte

Frugal Living for Housewives
Turning a quarter into a dollar seems more like a necessity than a magic trick in this economy. Come hear this housewife share not only nifty and thrifty ideas, but her heart on homekeeping for the frugal housewife.

When Your Homeschooled Child Misses the Mark
You give birth to an beautiful babe, bring them home to raise them in the most loving of environments, Yet life ultimately throws in unseen variables to mess up your perfect plan. Are you able to offer grace to your child through the worst of circumstances? In this workshop Kim approaches how can you have high expectations and yet be prepared for when your child stumbles, all without being a hypocrite. She’ll share the importance of encouraging other moms by sharing the struggles you go through. (This workshop is not about academics.)

Time Management for the Busy Homeschool Mom
Do you feel like there are never enough hours in the day? Are you staring at the cupboards at 5:00 while your husband taps his foot and the children’s tummies grumble? Are you extending school into late July? Do you look at your neighbor and wonder how her home looks like a picture from a Martha Stewart magazine and you have been the same PJ’s for three days? In this workshop Kim will give you her tried, tested, and proven tips for running a busy and well-managed home. She’ll share her successes and failures and leave you feeling encouraged.

Download SyllabusChuck and Pam Geib

Developing Your Educational Philosophy
An Educational Philosophy is a lofty sounding term, but it actually means thinking through what our life-long goal is for educating our children. If raising a rocket scientist or astronaut is our goal, then our philosophy must reflect this specific goal. If our goal is to train up godly children, then our philosophy must reflect this. Our basic philosophy guides and motivates annual decisions regarding curriculum choices and personal goals. It should be the foundation of why we home educate. It becomes the filter we use when making choices regarding teaching methods. In this workshop we will share our own personal philosophy and help you to formulate your own.

Download SyllabusDawn Hudson

Biblical Education with the Best of Academic Methods
What is the perfect homeschool education? It is one that prepares your children academically, but more importantly teaches Christian values and a solid understanding of the Bible. Learn how to combine the Bible with literature, science, history, music, art, and multi-sensory activities. Integrate the best from classical education, Charlotte Mason, and unit study from a biblical perspective.

Gerald McKoy

5 Ways to Make Money in the New Online Economy
Unless your family has found a way to live entirely off the grid, you need some sort of steady income to survive. The traditional homeschool family usually lives off one income provided by the husband. However with times continuing to get tougher, it is increasingly difficult for the family to survive on one income. However, a few have found ways to make money in the comfort of their own home. With the internet, a new online economy has sprouted which offers an ever-changing arena for opportunity. Some people looking to earn extra money are finding ways to do so and so can you. Join us to discover five ways to make money this way.

Nathan Pierce and J. Michael Smith

Law & Legislative Update
Nathan of Family Protection Ministries (FPM) will bring you up to date on all the bills that were introduced in the California legislature this term that affected homeschooling or parental rights. This important workshop addresses the issues that FPM deals with that affect your freedom to homeschool in CA. Nathan will address what legislation we anticipate next year that will impact your freedom to direct the upbringing and education of your children. Mike Smith, HSLDA, will address existing laws in CA that affect your right to homeschool, covering the basic requirements for California homeschoolers. This workshop is a must-attend for any family that is relatively new to homeschooling or contemplating homeschooling.

Penny Ross

Download SyllabusBible, K-12
Do you feel as if your Bible teaching is including the same old stories that your children have been hearing since they were babies? This workshop will cover practical tips and tools to help you teach your faith as well as to pass along your commitment and passion for the Lord.

Download SyllabusElementary Overview
Reading, writing, and arithmetic–what else needs to be taught in grades K-6? From art appreciation to Latin, to zoology, we’ll discuss the fundamentals that should be mastered during the elementary years and the supplementals which are nice to cover, but not yet necessary.

You are the professional educator in your child’s life. This workshop will cover what records you should keep for your family files, those which might be required by your private school satellite program (PSP) or support group, and the ones mandated by the State of California. We’ll discuss keeping records in a professional manner while devoting only a minimum amount of time to the task.

Mary Schofield

High School Overview
How do you decide what to study in high school? How do you know that your teen is learning enough (and of the right things)? How can parents continue a homeschool lifestyle during the high school years? Must homeschooled students model their high school years after the institutionalized educational style of learning? Come learn how to make your high school years special, wonderful, and complete as we discuss graduation and the overall plans needed to teach high school at home.

J. Michael Smith

Your Future to Homeschool–Secure or Not?
Mike Smith, president of HSLDA, will share the next threat to attack homeschooling freedom. The chief complaint against homeschooling used to be that moms were not qualified to teach their kids because they weren’t credentialed. The next complaint was that kids weren’t socialized. Homeschoolers have destroyed these myths, by and large. But, a new objection is being prepared by the academic elite and the educational establishment that still views homeschooling as dangerous. Mike will explain who is behind the movement, what they are saying, the motivation for this effort to remove this fundamental right, and what we need to do to stop it.

Dawna Wiemeyer

Having God's Eyes for Homeschooling Teens
Homeschooling can seem daunting without God’s perspective, especially when looking at the teen years. Instead of feeling overwhelmed, fearful or inadequate it is possible to walk with courage, confidence, and strength. Raging hormones (either in student or mother) can be a breeding ground for conflict. It doesn’t have to be. What are some of the things you need to know to homeschool through these years with success? Come hear how Dawna was able to find these years to be some of the most fruitful, rewarding times of her life and how she discovered not only victory, but joy on the journey.


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