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ABC Trace and Say
Contributing two ABC Trace and Say alphabet books valued at $29.90. This amazing alphabet book uses proven techniques to help your child read and write easily! Your child will learn with this MULTISENSORY book to SEE, HEAR, AND FEEL how letters are made. You will learn why you should teach letter sounds before letter names! No matter what your child’s learning style you CAN teach them with ease to write and read their alphabet with this cutting edge book!

AeroRacers, Inc
Contributing two (2) rubber band powered wood model kits valued at $40.00. AeroRacers is an innovative manufacturer of hands-on brains-on educational kits for schools and individuals. Buy manufacturer direct and save!

Apologia Educational Ministries
Contributing the Who is God textbook along with the Who is God Notebooking Journal valued at $66. Apologia exists because a small group of parents wanted their children to have an academically strong education that would deepen their Christian faith. Apologia Educational Ministries, Inc. is a family-owned corporation whose mission is to help families learn, live, and defend the historic Christian faith.

AV-STEM Alaska
Contributing one (1) yearlong Introduction to Aviation course (7th -12th grade level) valued at $375.00. Av_STEM-Aviation education for middle school and high school that encompasses science, technology, engineering, and math. Never before has education been so accessible and easily understood, while being so incredibly fun.

BiblioPlan for Families
Contributing one of their Companion e-books for one year (your choice of Ancient, Medieval, Early Modern, or Modern) of their classical history curriculum valued at $36.95-$42.95. BiblioPlan for Families is a classical Christian history and literature curriculum designed for homeschoolers, homeschool cooperative students, and Christian school students in grades K - 12. BiblioPlan offers fun, family-friendly lessons that enrich your children’s studies of the following: art, history, literature, Bible, geography, social studies, writing, and missionary studies.

BJU Press
Contributing a gift bag filled with a T-shirt and Christian fiction novels. BJU Press Homeschool exists to encourage Christian character in homeschool students and promote academic excellence through the provision of K–12 homeschool curriculum products and support services.

Brilliant Jewel Press
Contributing their Bible Exploration for High School curriculum valued at $59.95. The Bible Exploration for High School is a two-year curriculum providing a thorough Bible study for your teenagers, in homeschool and otherwise. It offers you assurance your teenager(s) will gain a solid biblical foundation to help prepare them for adulthood.

CHEA of California
Contributing three (3) memberships (1 Platinum & 2 Basic), three mp3 Data CDs of ALL Leadership, Workshops & Keynote Sessions of the 32th Annual Christian Home Educators Convention, and three CHEA tote bags, all valued at $1,429.97. Since 1982, CHEA has been California's primary advocate for private homeschoolers.

Cheryl Thomas Music
Contributing three (3) music CDs and a coloring book valued at $40.00. It's time for kids to KNOW JESUS! It's time for Kids to take their place in the army of God! Children learn truths from Bible based songs, stories, musicals and even piano and guitar curriculum!

Child Training Bible
Contributing the Child Training Bible Chart Set and the Virtue Training Bible Chart Set valued at $9 each. The Child Training Bible is tool that allows parents and children (and anyone that loves the Word of God) to go directly to the pages of Scripture for instruction in 20 key areas with a complete section dedicated to the gospel.

Classical Conversations
Contributing a book, The Conversation valued at $16.00. Classical Conversations supports homeschooling parents by cultivating the love of learning through a Christian worldview in fellowship with other families. They believe there are three keys to a great education: classical, Christian, and Community.

Comic Shop, The
Contributing optical illusion jigsaw puzzles valued at $21. The Comic Shop offers lots of fun items including, board games, comic books, t-shirts, books, jigsaw puzzles and more!

Cornerstone Curriculum
Contributing their Adventures in Art eCurriculum valued at $75. DAVID QUINE is a nationally recognized speaker and author heading Cornerstone Curriculum, a Christian based educational curriculum. He draws on over 30 years of experience as a teacher, administrator, consultant, and author.

Crosswired Science
Contributing two (2), one year subscriptions to their E-Curriculum valued at $99.00 each. Their self-paced curriculum is the perfect Science solution for many families. Crosswired Science: Profoundly showing the glory of God through what He has made. By studying the CWS curriculum, students will learn truth after truth of the power, wisdom and love of the One who made this world and all that is in it.

Disney Youth Programs
Contributing a 60th Anniversary Minnie Mouse Plush & Diamond picture frame valued at $80.00. Disney Youth Programs are unique, enriching experiences designed to engage young minds and show students the path to making dreams a reality.

Eagle’s Nest Homeschool Supply
Contributing the GA Henty book, Captain Bayley’s Heir valued at $22.99. Eagle’s Nest is a family owned business striving to aid parents in educating their children to the Glory of God.

Etiquette Factory, The
Contributing one Etiquette Jukebox CD and Set-Right Placemats. Manners in children can be a frustration to instill, but etiquette goes beyond table manners, and works its way into all manner of social skills. Teaching children table manners can be as easy as teaching professional etiquette. With their Social Skills Curriculum, table manners and other social skills can be developed with ease.

Figures In Motion
Contributing four (4) of their award-winning children’s activity books valued at $59.80. Figures In Motion is a small family-owned business whose mission is to create exceptional books that make learning fun.

Contributing their Fitivities game & two Frisbees valued at $39.99. Fitivities integrates physical activities into a group game setting for people of all ages, offering the buzz of a board game, with the perks of a workout. With FITIVITIES and some good company, a little exercise is finally a lot of fun.

God’s Creatures
Contributing fifty (50) free nail trimming & creative grooming design for dogs, plus fifty (50) pet collar flowers, all valued at $1,150.00. God’s Creatures offers grooming for dogs of all sizes, also we offer services to guinea pigs, birds, other small creatures, plus hoof trimming for goats. We are located in Apple Valley CA.

God’s Word Church, Inc.
Contributing two (2) books (Lies the Devil Told Me/Ingrafted: A 52 Week Devotional) & a music CD, Arms Around You, valued at $35.00. God’s Word Church (GWC) is a full-gospel, family/homeschool friendly church located in Apple Valley, CA. GWC supports homeschooling through its outreach ministry, PSP Sports And More.

Golden Prairie Press
Contributing the audio book Ten Great Adventurers valued at $17.00. Amy Puetz (pronounced Pitts) is a homeschool graduate, a self-taught historian, and a servant of Jesus Christ. As the owner of Golden Prairie Press she publishes books that show history at its best.

Good Steward Books
Contributing the Christian Encounters Biographies Set (10 books) valued at $132.00. Good Steward Books continue to serve Christians in the US in Berlin, Ohio; Shipshewana, Indiana; and Milford Center, OH and worldwide through by offering discount prices on excellent Christian products.

Grand Canyon University
Contributing a t-shirt, insulated lunch bag & two coffee mugs valued at $30.00. Since 1949, Grand Canyon University has been a premier private Christian university in Arizona, helping students find their purpose and achieve their potential through landing the career of their dreams, advancing their career and changing careers.

Help With Learning
Contributing one (1) Initial Evaluation valued at $625.00. Help With Learning provides neurodevelopmental and educational consulting, helping families address the root causes of learning, attention and special needs difficulties to help their children come closer to reaching their full God-given potential.

Historical Conquest
Contributing two (2) of their starter decks valued at $30. This is an excellent game that makes history into a fun game to be shared with friends. It gives us an opportunity to make use of what we've learned through a history-based, literature-based, TJEd style learning approach without having to use boring testing or review to retain knowledge of historical facts and characters.

Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA)
Contributing three (3) one year memberships valued at $120 each. Home School Legal Defense Association is a nonprofit advocacy organization established to defend and advance the constitutional right of parents to direct the education of their children and to protect family freedoms. Through annual memberships, HSLDA is tens of thousands of families united in service together, providing a strong voice when and where needed.

Institute for Creation Research
Contributing Unlocking the Mysteries of Genesis, their 12 episode DVD series valued at $129.99. For over four decades, the Institute for Creation Research has equipped believers with evidence of the Bible's accuracy and authority through scientific research, educational programs, and media presentations, all conducted within a thoroughly biblical framework.

Institute for Excellence in Writing
Contributing their Teaching Writing: Structure and Style valued at $129. In order to succeed in every area of life, children must hone the skills needed to communicate confidently and effectively. Through the process of learning to write well, students learn how to think clearly and to express themselves eloquently and persuasively. The IEW goal is to equip you to assist your child in this process.

Irlen Institute
Contributing one each of the two books written by Helen Irlen: Reading by the Color and The Irlen Revolution : A Guide to Changing Your Perception and Your Life, valued at $33.90 The Irlen Institute—A piece of the puzzle for reading problems, learning difficulties, ADD/HD, dyslexia, headaches, and other physical symptoms through the use of color.

Ironwood Camp
Contributing one (1) Fall Couples’ Retreat valued at $325.00. Ironwood: western adventure in Christian camping. Their goal is to provide a program that reaches young people for the Lord Jesus Christ, strengthens families, and serves local churches, all to the glory of God. Ironwood Camps offers various camps and facilities.

Ladera Reading Solutions
Contributing the books Gift of Dyslexia and When Your Child Has Dyslexia, and some manipulatives, all valued at $45. Ladera Reading Solutions for Dyslexia offers the Davis Dyslexia Correction® Program. Davis Orientation Counseling and Symbol Mastery are used alongside basic Davis techniques, typically working together 30 hours, one-on-one, over a 5-day period.

Lamplighter Publishing
Contributing the Lamplighter Theatre Audio Drama A Peep Behind the Scenes valued at $35.00. Lamplighter is a non-profit organization dedicated to “building Christ-like character … one story at a time.”

Lamp & Quill International
Contributing two (2) of their books valued at $29.94. Lamp and Quill develops and publishes Bible Studies and Devotional Bible Study material for all ages. Our goal is to pass on a method of helping others grow in their walk with God through the Scriptures and help them train up a godly generation devoted to knowing God and helping others get to know Him.

Language Planet, The & TLP Tutoring
Contributing a Spanish CD and Critical Thinking book valued at $37.00. TLP is an instructional and tutoring company dedicated to preparing students for 21st century education and today’s competitive economy. We offer after school language classes, private and group tutoring sessions in all subjects for all grade levels and academic camps to encourage and inspire confidence and learning.

M25:20 Media, Inc.
Contributing one (1) Matthew Cross: Faith Walker T-shirt valued at $12.00. Join the faith based adventures of the Christian Action Hero Universe champions as super heroics and holiness merge to present the Christian comic book heroes that gives God the glory!

Masterpiece Therapy
Contributing a one (1) hour massage valued at $120. Medical message therapy by a Christian homeschool parent, offering medical/Swedish/deep tissue/sports therapies. For more information, call 909-556-4797.

Contributing one (1) year access to Calculus for Practical Application course valued at $149.00. Far too many students – and homeschooling parents – are intimidated by the prospect of working with advanced mathematical concepts. At Mathlingual they replace fear, intimidation, and boredom with confidence, fun, and excitement.

Math Maze USA
Contributing five (5) Math Maze Player’s games & one (1) Math Maze Mastery game all valued at $70.00. Math Maze USA® is committed to stimulating interest and proficiency in Mathematics for Kids in Kindergarten through the 12th Grade.

Medieval Times
Contributing a family four (4) pack of tickets to Medieval Times. Medieval Times is an exciting, family-friendly dinner attraction inspired by an 11th century feast and tournament. Guests are served a four-course banquet and cheer for one of six knights competing in the joust and other tests of skill.

Northwest Treasures
Contributing Geology for Kids textbook valued at $20.00. Homeschool geology curricula and rock, mineral & fossil kits for grades PreK-12. At Northwest Treasures, we stand unabashedly for a young earth and global flood as revealed in Scripture.

Contributing The Child DVD valued at $20.00. ParentalRights.Org's mission is to protect children by empowering parents through adoption of the Parental Rights Amendment to the U.S. Constitution and by preventing U.S. ratification of UN Conventions that threaten parental rights.

Picture This! Ministries
Contributing one of The Picture Smart Bible on CD valued at $81.00. The Picture-Smart Bible is a comprehensive overview of biblical history, geography, doctrine, important verses, and major themes of each Bible book. The primary goal of PictureThis!” Ministries, Inc. is to get people into the inspired, dynamic, life-changing word of God, so that God’s word can become implanted in His people.

Princess Parables, The
Contributing the Princess Hope book & doll valued at $27.98. Share the adventures of five princesses in this five-story collection of the Princess Parables I Can Read books. Join Princesses Faith, Hope, Charity, Joy, and Hope as they learn what it means to be daughters of the King while learning character and Jesus' parables at the same time.

PSP Sports and More
Contributing a two (2) soccer balls valued at $15 each. PSP Sports and More began as a sports league for private Christian homeschool families. It has expanded to include other avenues of support for these homeschool families like fine arts, science, AP and CLEP classes. PSP Sports and More is an outreach ministry of God’s Word Church.

Rhonda Stoppe-No Regrets Woman
Contributing two books, Moms Raising Sons to be Men and If My Husband Would Change, I’d Be Happy valued at $26.98. Rhonda Stoppe is an author and speaker dedicated to helping women live life with no regrets. Her wisdom and experience will help you discover significance in God and His specific purpose for your life and influence the next generation by raising children with integrity. Rhonda Stoppe is a featured speaker at this year’s Convention.

RightStart Math by Activities for Learning
Contributing a Geometry Panel Kit math manipulative valued at $30.00. RightStart Math is a unique hands-on program de-emphasizes counting, uses visualization of quantities, and provides strategies (visual pictures) for learning the facts. Understanding and problem solving are emphasized throughout the curriculum.

Sheraton Pasadena Hotel, The
Contributing one (1) weekend night stay at their hotel valued at $500.00. The Sheraton Pasadena Hotel is located right next door to the Pasadena Convention Center. This dynamic hotel offers conference attendees and city visitors exceptional convenience and comfort. Situated in the heart of Pasadena, the hotel property puts you in the center of fantastic shopping and other activities.

Contributing a gift bag with Teaching Textbook Algebra 1 & other fun things, valued at $197.58. Sonlight Curriculum is a Christian homeschool curriculum company specializing in literature-based homeschool curriculum programs.

Spectrum College Planning
Contributing one (1) SAT Standard Package valued at $399.00. Spectrum College Planning, Inc. began as a college funding company with a goal of helping families realize the dream of higher education for their children. Successful college funding must include comprehensive college planning which they also provide.

Contributing a T-shirt, Virtue Question Card set, & two (2) Courage bracelets valued at $52.99. Founded in 2011, ThinkVirtues empowers children to be happy, resilient and confident individuals who make a positive impact in our world.

Thousand Pines
Contributing a Bag O’ Fun gift bag. Thousand Pines is a Christian Camp and Conference Center located in the San Bernardino mountains at about 5,000 feet. They host program camps and custom retreats for youth, children and adults year-round at their Conference Center. During the school year, they run an Outdoor Science School for 5th and 6th graders.

Total Language Plus
Contributing one (1) years curriculum and a Square 31 bag valued at $110.00. Total Language Plus is an innovative language arts curriculum focused on critical thinking and communication skills.

Tricia Goyer-Author
Contributing nine books valued at $129.91. For more than a decade, author Tricia Goyer has drawn from her experiences as a teen mother and leader of today’s generation, to be a voice of hope and possibility for teen girls, pregnant teens, mothers and wives. Tricia Goyer is a featured speaker at this year’s Convention.

Tricia Martin-Author
Contributing her seven-book Christian fantasy adventure series valued at $48.93. Tricia Martin was greatly impacted as a child by several children's fantasy books. Now she desires to impact the hearts of children with her fantasy adventures centered around a loving, kind, and powerful character who transforms the lives of all that come into contact with Him.

Trinity Law School
Contributing one tee shirt and three books (The Bramble Bush by K. Llewellyn, Faith and Freedom by M. Staver & Journal of Christian Legal Thought) valued at $35.00. Trinity Law School exists to serve Christ by championing a biblical view of human law and government through their students, graduates, faculty, and staff. Their mission is to prepare students to flourish as attorneys dedicated to advocate for justice, serve the Church, and pursue the truth throughout the world for Christ.

Contributing the Cartoon Book-102 Differences Between Cats and Dogs for Kids valued at $14.95. UnveilinGlory is an international educational and prophetic ministry whose goal is to assist local churches and individuals in the ministry of edification. The UnveilinGlory team is committed to a trans-denominational and trans-cultural ministry through the media of seminars, literature, videotape, audiotape, computer resources, and formal education.

Usborne Books & More
Contributing the Dinosaur Kid Kit valued at $15. Usborne Books has a product line of more than 1,400 titles, offering something for every age and subject..

Veritas Classical Home Studies
Contributing one (1) year free tuition (not including books) valued at $747.00. Veritas Classical Home Studies assists homeschooling parents by partnering with them to communicate the truth, train the mind and cultivate the heart in a Christ-honoring atmosphere.

VideoText Interactive
Contributing Unit 1 of their Online Algebra course valued at $60.00. Video Text Interactive is an innovative company that is blazing new trails in math education. Their programs use new, interactive, video-based strategies to teach Algebra and Geometry from start to finish.

Woman’s Christian Temperance Union
Contributing four (4) Substance Abuse Literature bags. The WCTU firmly believes and advocates a lifestyle free of alcohol, tobacco, and other addictive drugs. Its members comprise the oldest non-sectarian woman's organization in the world.

YWAM Publishing
Contributing the Big Book of Learning and Ditty Bugs valued at $40. The best resource for high quality Christian Books at discount prices. Low prices, great selection. When you order from YWAM Publishing, you're doing more than getting quality Christian materials. You are helping children and adults around the world through vital missions programs.


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