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Israel Wayne

FREE session in CHEA's Mini-Conference for New Homeschoolers
Education: Does God Have An Opinion?

Is education a neutral subject? Does God have a preference for how He wants children to be educated? What does the Bible teach about schooling? Is there one correct path for education? Are public schools a viable option for Christians? These questions and more will be discussed in this engaging presentation.

Homeschooling from a Biblical Worldview (Keynote Session)
Are your children prepared to face the “Real World”? Learn how to equip your children to stand against the flood of secularism that threatens to drown them. What is your worldview? How are you going to transfer it to your children? Will you be more effective than the media and popular culture? Discover how to teach your children to view the core subjects (and all of life) through the lenses of Scripture.

Homeschooling: Preference or Conviction?
Why do you homeschool? When your children are grown, what will define success for you? What is a biblical philosophy of education? This workshop will help you to focus on what is really important. Israel will share with you what has helped his family avoid burnout and frustration in the many years of homeschooling.

Inside the Brain of a Hyperactive Homeschooler
If you have a hyperactive or easily distractible child, you won’t want to miss this informative and sometimes humorous message that shares the perspective of a homeschooling father who was once a hyperactive homeschooled child. You will receive practical and biblical insights into ADD/ADHD and will be encouraged that there is hope for your child.

Revival in the Home
Families in America are under attack. Teenage rebellion, divorce, juvenile delinquency, emotional disorders, and relational dysfunction are far too common, even among church-goers. Studies show that the majority of Christian youth abandon the Christian faith sometime around high school graduation. How can you have a godly family in the midst of such a worldly culture? This workshop will provide practical and biblical answers.

Norm Wakefield

Christian Homeschooling from an Eternal Perspective (Keynote Session)
Syllabus Perspective is everything. Living and teaching from an eternal perspective is what distinguishes Christian homeschooling from other educational philosophies. Only when you approach a subject from heaven’s perspective can one see God’s awe-inspiring wisdom. Many homeschoolers have been so focused on the “trees” (individual verses of Scripture) and failed to see the "forest" (the over-arching glory of the gospel applied to all things in life). You'll learn how to view your homeschool experience from heaven's perspective.

Going With the Flow: How to Apply Jurisdictional Principles in Life
Syllabus You’ll gain an overall understanding and practical application of the idea of jurisdiction by looking at how God is running the universe. This lesson is a companion lesson to Leading with Vision. You'll learn how to troubleshoot any problem by applying jurisdictional principles both at home and at work.

How to Affirm Your Daughters
Syllabus Godly womanhood is under attack. This session gives practical ways a father can affirm his daughter in her womanhood and prepare her for being a woman whose security and hope is in her relationship with God. You'll also learn the mistakes men make that may cause a daughter to reject her femininity and things you can do to encourage her to enjoy God's plan for her as a woman.

The Power of Humility in Parenting
Syllabus Very few things add more value to your relationship with your children than humility. You'll learn seven aspects of humility from a study of Paul’s letter to the Philippians which will enrich your relationship with both God and your children. As you express humility as described by the Apostle Paul, your children will be powerfully drawn to you and the Lord Jesus Christ.


Tricia Goyer

Why Your Older Kids Fight Your Teaching
Syllabus If there were no “standards” for your child to follow what would he or she enjoy learning? Do you wish you had an effective way to get your child more excited about learning? Do you want to draw your child’s heart toward God? Tricia will share why your older kids are fighting your teaching, and what you can do to change that.

Take Advantage of Teachable Moments
Syllabus Kids grow fast. Just yesterday my oldest son was spitting up peas, and now he’s a father of two. How can you take advantage of the teachable moments in life before they slip away? Tricia will share ways to use teachable moments to connect with your kids’ hearts.

Overcome Your Homeschooling Fears
Syllabus When I first started homeschooling I was afraid of a few things.

  1. My kids would get on my nerves.
  2. My kids wouldn’t get enough socialization.
  3. My educational weaknesses would be my kids’ educational weaknesses.
Now in my 20th year of homeschooling, I can say that all of those have come true. The great news is that you can turn to God to ease your worries. You can also turn to Him to turn your weaknesses into strengths. It’s helped me to realize that no child’s education will be perfect. The best part of homeschooling is that we did it together and we’ve had a tailor-made experience that we’ll always look back on with joy.


Simple Homeschooling
Syllabus Has God placed a dream in your heart or your spouse’s heart? Maybe like me you’re thinking, “I’ll do that after these homeschooling years have passed.” I’d encourage you to reconsider that and go to God in prayer. Your service to God is the “simplest” thing you can teach. After all, kids learn far more from our lives than from books. You are your child’s teacher . . . teach them with your life not just your lesson plan.

Rhonda Stoppe

Moms Raising Sons to Be Men
Raising a son to a man is a mysterious adventure, don’t you think? You know your son is going to grow up to be a man, but do you really believe it? Rhonda, author of the popular book Moms Raising Sons to Be Men reminds mothers, “God has entrusted you with a few short years to partner with Him to raise a man of integrity.” In this workshop, she gives practical insights to help moms guide their sons toward a no-regrets life. With examples from moms in history such as the moms of St. Augustine, John Wesley, and Charles Spurgeon as well as practical advice, and biblical insights, you will be encouraged, inspired, and better prepared to raise a godly man. Rhonda has raised two daughters and two adult sons. One son is an Air Force fighter pilot, and the other a worship leader who has toured with a number of well-known Christian artists.

Mom, You Are the Architect of the Next Generation
Throughout history, God has used mothers to influence the moral fiber of their culture by raising children who will serve God in their generation. Yet all too often mothers don’t know how to prepare themselves for this noble purpose. As a speaker, and author of her popular book Moms Raising Sons to Be Men, Rhonda helps women guide their children towards no-regrets lives. In this workshop you will be inspired by stories of moms in history, encouraged with truth, and challenged to influence the moral fiber of the next generation by raising children with integrity.

Happily-Ever-After & Homeschooling
You’ve made the step to be a homeschooling family. You have all your curriculum ordered, and you are ready to take on the next year. Everything in your world is perfect, except one area seems to need a little help–your marriage. Between the spelling bees, soccer games, and pursuit of academic excellence has your time with your spouse taken a back seat? Then you need this workshop. Author of the book If My Husband Would Change I’d Be -And Other Myths Wives Believe, Rhonda homeschooled, so she gets it. Rhonda says, “Remember, part of home educating is teaching your kids what kind of marriage they should have by watching you!” This workshop will give you practical insights to help you relate to your husband, and inspire you to build a no-regrets marriage you children–and others–will want to emulate.

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