After more than 32 years of service to California homeschoolers, CHEA is at a dramatic crossroads in ministry and direction.

It is true the lack of Convention attendance and Memberships coupled with rising Convention costs has contributed to our reduced funds, but CHEA also realizes we need to move beyond asking for your hard-earned dollars in contributions. Over the last year, CHEA has significantly reduced its overhead by moving to a more economic office space and cutting other costs, but there is still much work to do. We plan, at the end of our current office lease in November 2017, for the three remaining office staff to work from home, retaining a small office/storage space for inventory and supplies and providing a workspace for shipping and copying. We are also considering transitioning to a primarily volunteer staff in the future.

No specific plans are in place yet as the board of directors will be meeting over the next few weeks to formulate a strategy, but we will keep you updated as those plans develop.