At the Leadership Conference at CHEACon 2018 in June, Tonya Salinas of Allegiant Christian School in Riverside, CA was recognized as the CHEA Support Network Leader of the Year.

Here’s what some of the families from Allegiant Christian School had to say about Tonya.

My family and I have been with Allegiant Christian School for the past several years and only because of the love and passion exhibited by Tonya for our families. She never stops working, caring and supporting our families, as well as the for all parents and families to homeschool their children.
Patrick Terrazas

Her tireless dedication to our children’s education and her compassion for our families proves why she is worthy of this award.
Metrice J. Rochowick

For Tonya being a homeschool leader is not a job, but a calling from God. One that she takes very seriously. She selflessly gives her heart, time and hard work for the benefit of all the homeschool families that have been entrusted to her. She sacrifices daily to make sure that each homeschool family’s need are met. There are countless hours of prayer, visits and phone calls. She is always ready to give you an encouraging word. There is never a moment she is not willing to pass on all her wisdom from years of homeschooling experience and when she doesn’t know something she tirelessly seeks the answers for the families.
Yara Wycof

I love her willingness to always stop and talk to those who need her, and her desire to see each student do their very best, whether in a performance or in their school work. I love how she appreciates those who work under her, and encourages us to do what we can
Dianne Padget


CHEA’s Support Network Leader of the Year is awarded annually at the Leadership Conference during CHEA’s Annual Homeschool Convention. The award honors one leader from a Support Network Group who has made an indelible impact on the lives of the families served. Leaders and group members may nominate a leader for this recognition by submitting a letter/email of nomination (or a package of “letters”) to [email protected] by May 1 of each year.