While the origins of Valentine’s Day are a bit murky, the “holiday” provides us with an entire month to teach about love–God’s love for us and how we should love Him and others.

Love in the Bible
Love is one attribute of God. Students of all ages can learn about the endless attributes of God and the way in which He shows us love. Look up the verses in the Bible that explain each. Create a poster or other visual reminder of all the ways God loves us.

Love is also one part of the fruit of the Spirit listed in Galatians. Use the month of February to study each part, with a special emphasis on love. This makes a great reminder for all of about our character and what characteristics of God others should see in us.

Serve Others
As a family, pull out your craft supplies and make valentine cards for those who may not receive them this year and then send or deliver them. Some ideas include those who are homeless in your area, patients in your local hospital (check their website for any requirements; ours require that they be laminated), residents of a senior home, or your local first responders.

Types of Love
Older students can learn about the different types of love mentioned in the Bible–phileo, agape, eros. Look up the definition of each and locate the verses in the Bible that mention each type of love. Encourage them to brainstorm ways they can show love in a manner appropriate for their age.

Love Your Children
It’s been said that for every one negative comment a child receives, it takes five positive ones to build the child back up. I’m sure we’re all guilty of speaking negatively to our children at some point, probably in the last week or even just yesterday (guilty!). During the month of February, cut out construction paper hearts and write one positive thing about each of your children. Each morning before they get up (or on your way to bed the night before), put the heart on their bedroom door. Each day, read these words of affirmation together as a reminder of the unique individuals God created us each to be.

Love Your Spouse
As homeschooling families, it’s easy to fall into the trap of focusing so much on our children and neglect our spouse. While we should be taking time to grow our marriage throughout the year, Valentine’s Day is a great reminder to do something a little extra or special. Whether it’s a favorite meal you prepare at home, a movie, a game, an activity you enjoy together after the kids are in bed, or a fun excursion out of the house, make an effort to do something with just the two of you.

Valentine Exchange
We can’t forget the time-honored tradition of the Valentine exchange!

Gather with friends or your homeschool group and have a valentine exchange (or just exchange as a family). Our family has participated in valentine exchanges with groups including preschoolers all the way to high school and it’s always a well-attended and enjoyed event.

Each child brings a set number of valentine cards, signed, but not addressed (or addressed to “My Friend’). You can have them also bring a mailbox or bring bags for the kids to decorate as a craft during your time together. All the mailboxes or bags are lined up and each child goes through the line, placing a valentine in each bag for each of their friends. The kids can then enjoy going through their bag of valentines from all their friends!

Tip: If you have a large group, you can divide your group by age, gender, or a specific number of children for the exchange.


How do you celebrate Valentine’s Day in your family?