We Know You Have Choices

As homeschool leaders, you undoubtedly field questions about “that other” homeschool convention in the state. Many are asking what makes CHEA events different? And why should a family choose one over the other? Here are a few reasons to choose a CHEA Convention. By clicking on the link at the end of the article you will find many more.

After more than 35 years of ministry, CHEA is the expert in Christian home education in California. No one else has amassed the same body of experience or has the same vision for encouraging California’s Christian homeschooling community. Quite frankly, we feel it’s about relationship. No one else has the relationship with our state’s Christian homeschooling families that we do. 

Attending the Convention that supports homeschooling in California, and has for more than 35 years, is an investment in the future of California homeschooling. Conventions hosted by the statewide homeschooling organization provide funds for the benefit and protection of the state’s homeschooling community. This is critical if private Christian homeschooling is to endure and not be usurped by the public education system. 

After hosting homeschool conventions for more than 35 years, we’ve seen God’s hand of blessing. We think our events are simply the best. Encourage your families to join us and see how their vision for family discipleship and homeschooling will be strengthened just by spending the weekend at our Convention.

One homeschooling mom attended a non-CHEA convention several years ago. The next year she attended CHEA’s. She shared her observations and experiences with us.

Despite knowing about CHEA and their convention, I attended a different convention the summer prior to starting homeschooling simply because of our schedule. My husband had a work convention in San Diego the same weekend that CHEA was hosting theirs.

While I walked away from that convention encouraged and with a pile of curriculum for my kindergarten daughter, I felt like something was missing from my experience. Only after attending CHEA’s convention the following year did I realize what that was—Christian community. Everyone was friendly at the “other” convention, but there were no opportunities to connect with those in the organization hosting the convention or with other attendees. There were no lulls in the schedule; it was just one workshop session after another. I had to choose which session block to miss to eat my lunch (alone) in the courtyard or to pursue the Exhibit Hall. There were no general sessions where everyone gathered together and no time of worship to start out the day.

I later learned that the organization that hosted this convention is a for-profit business that comes to California one weekend a year. They aren’t present year-round here, pouring out their resources to support and fight for California homeschoolers.

CHEA’s Convention may not be as flashy or be as large as others, but it is distinctly Christian, offers opportunities to build relationships and community, and supports California homeschoolers year-round. I would highly recommend attending a CHEA Convention to anyone homeschooling or considering homeschooling.