CA Homeschool Research

If your private, K-12 grade child took standardized tests between August 1, 2021 and July 30, 2022, we invite you read more to determine if your student’s scores are eligible for inclusion in this study and how to submit them.

Research Agreement & Survey

For more than a year, CHEA, Family Protection Ministries (FPM), and National Home Education Research Institute (NHERI), have worked to collect data for a research study on private homeschoolers’ academic performance. For the very first time, we are collecting California-specific data about private homeschoolers’ academic achievements. This kind of research has never before been done.

If your private, K-12 grade child took standardized tests between August 1, 2021 and July 30, 2022, you can still participate in this research.


  • California Achievement Test
  • Comprehensive Tests of Basic Skills
  • Iowa Tests of Basic Skills/Tests of Achievement and Proficiency
  • Metropolitan Achievement Battery
  • Stanford Achievement Battery
  • Terra Nova
  • Any nationally normed standardized test that provides the student’s national percentile rank (NPR) scores

We cannot accept Pass Test, California High School Proficiency Exam (CHSPE), Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT), American College Test (ACT), Classic Learning Test (CLT), or any other college entrance exam results.


  • No student’s or family’s personally identifying information will be given to anyone (e.g., a researcher), without the parent’s written consent.
  • You are also agreeing to let CHEA share data with a NHERI researcher and Family Protection Ministries, as needed, to perform research for the homeschool community.
  • CHEA will keep files of each individual student’s ID and test scores.
  • A researcher will do analysis and write a summary that may go to any or all of the following:
    Legislators and policymakers
    The organization’s website
    The entire homeschool community
    Publication in scholarly journals
  • CHEA will create reports measuring student progress over the years. Any such “longitudinal reporting” would contain student numbers but would have no personally identifying information for the students themselves.
  • By participating you are affirming that:
    The tests were administered according to the publisher’s standards.
    The information you are submitting is true and accurate.

How to Participate

Thank you very much for helping us and other families by participating in research. Complete the Student Testing Research Agreement and Survey for each student and submit copies of your student’s test results.

Complete one survey for each family and upload a scanned copy or clear photo of each student’s scores.


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the testing and research?

California specific homeschool research has never been done and national research has not been conducted recently. This data from testing will be used to create state-specific homeschool research as CHEA and FPM work to protect the freedoms that private homeschool families enjoy in California as they meet with state representatives.

Does CHEA or FPM benefit financially?

Neither CHEA nor FPM receive any portion of the testing fees. In fact, registrants receive a discount on the testing fees by using CHEA’s online portal for test registration.

Who will receive the data?

Though CHEA, FPM, and NHERI will have access to the raw data, no one will have access to any student identifiable information or family information. The data will only be used for the purposes for which we’ve collected it; California specific homeschool research.

Will my student’s identity be kept confidential?

Your student’s identity will be secure with BJU Testing. Students’ identifying information will not be attached to their scores when passed to CHEA, FPM, and NHERI for analyzing and interpretation. Demographic information such as age, grade, number of years homeschooled, etc. will be used to interpret the data, but any other identifying information will be removed prior to being provided to the researchers.

Who can participate?

This study will focus on privately-funded homeschool students. Students who are under a single-family PSA or enrolled in a PSP may participate and have their data included in the research.