Promises School K-12

Our education programs are designed to give parents and guardians control over their child’s education, meet the unique needs of each student through personalized education plans, and offer high quality education at an affordable price. We offer a Homeschool with School Support program and an Independent Study program. Homeschool your child with school support- includes support for parents and school discounts on curriculum. Promises School K-12 will provide an education specialist to support the family with guidance and training. Promises School K-12 will keep records for each student and create transcripts so you can focus your time and energy on what is most important, your child. Parents are able to use biblical based curriculum with no restrictions. For high school students, Promises School K-12 will guide parents in choosing the curriculum of their choice that meets the requirements for high school graduation and college admission. Independent Study program- a school program in which students learn through supervised independent study instruction. This program is perfect for parents and guardians who are unable or do not desire to be their child’s teacher. Promises School K-12 will provide your child with a teacher who will support your student and monitor their progress. Our independent study program includes a wide range of curricula that you can choose from to create a personalized education plan to meet your child’s unique needs and support their interests. We offer courses that take place at home, online, or in person depending upon parent choice. We even offer innovative courses that most schools typically do not offer including but not limited to: Entrepreneurship, Coding, STEAM, 3D Printing Design, Logic, Filmmaking, Homeopathy, Philosophy, Video Game Programming, gym memberships, and curriculum based on a biblical worldview.


Brittany Stordahl


Foreign Language, Group Classes, Sports, Teaching Method, Tutor