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Parents are feeling pressure to begin academic learning at younger ages. Many have come to believe that they will fail their children if they aren’t “ready to learn” by age five. Here’s some information to help you relax about the preschool years.

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Preschoolers and Worksheets

Picture the typical preschool worksheet, numerals 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, arranged across from drawings of grouped objects. These worksheets are available by the dozens, free online or in purchased workbooks. Read more

What to Do With Baby?

Just an ordinary day. Just an ordinary homeschool day. Everyone sitting quietly around the dining table working on math, English, or science. Our toddler sitting quietly on the floor playing with blocks. Yes, just an ordinary day. Read more

Toddler and Preschool Learning Tools

My husband would say that little ones are like geese. They wake up in a new world everyday. For toddlers and preschoolers, each day brings new adventures and new lessons to learn. Read more

Preschool: At What Cost?

“Does she go to preschool?” the nurse asked about our three-year-old granddaughter. When our reply was no, she looked as though she didn’t know how to respond. Bob explained as long as our granddaughter was living with us, she wouldn’t be going to school. That only brought more blank stares. Read more

Wake up & Smell the Crayons

In the past two or three years I’ve been asked a new question so often that it is beginning to rival “What about socialization?” The new question is “What pre-school (or kindergarten) curriculum should I buy?” Read more

Despierta al olor de las crayolas

What to Do with My Child Before Kindergarten

As the new generation of Christian homeschooling parents, you face as great an obstacle as we who came into the movement 20 years ago. Read more

Priorities for Preschool

In the years our sons were preschool age, we heard Dr. James Dobson discuss A Checklist for Spiritual Training, from his book Straight Talk to Dads. One particular thought caught our ears. He asked, “Is your child learning of the love of God through the love, tenderness, and mercy of his parents?” We paused and looked at each other and asked, “Is he?” Read more

The Ages and Stages of Two to Four Year Olds

We feel we’re in over our head, but with the right information we’re only knee deep. Understanding the stages of child development helps the whelming waters to recede to wading level. Understanding these stages helps us keep perspective in our parenting. Read more

Ready for Kindergarten

How does a parent know if her child is ready for kindergarten? Pressure to excel academically at a very young age is cyclical as the culture flows from one extreme to another in educational philosophy. Read more

Goals of Spiritual Development

An important part of any successful homeschool is relationship. As Christians, helping our children develop a personal relationship with God is our most important goal. Read more

Recommended Reading

Preschool at Home Reading List

Debbie Feely compiled an extensive list of resources for parents in her book, Preschool at Home: What do I do with my child before Kindergarten? Click here

A stack of three booksBook Store

CHEA offers several books on the subject of preschool and preschooling at home. Please visit our online book store to find more information about these books.

Audio Store

Many of our audio store resources address the preschool years. Visit our audio store for a wide variety of mp3 recordings covering preschool and other topics.

Picture of a grey globeWeb Resources

There are a lot of helpful resources throughout the internet that can help you teach preschool at home. For a full list of preschool website links please visit our Internet Connections page.



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