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Convention 2017

Workshop Descriptions (Continued)

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General Speaker Workshops

Zan Tyler

How Conversation Stimulates Learning
In a traditional classroom environment, students have an average of eight to ten individual interactions with their teacher each day. In your homeschool, these verbal interactions can number in the hundreds and greatly enhance the education your children receive at home. Zan shares how the simple and free tool of conversation can help your children replace boredom during lessons with a motivation to learn. Discover why parents make the best teachers and capitalize on these strengths. Explore strategies to minimize conflict in your home and promote camaraderie, enthusiasm, and learning with stimulating academics instead. Conversation is the key! Conversation IS core curriculum.

How to Avoid Homeschool Burnout
Homeschooling places great demands on parents and leads to great expectations. This combination can set us up for an intense sense of failure and disappointment. Homeschooling doesn’t always go according to our plans. Even when we are doing our best to follow God and love our families, we may find ourselves in the “fiery furnace,” ready to throw in the towel. Zan explores the causes of burnout and shares ways to avoid them. This workshop contains many practical tips for streamlining your life. It also encourages a biblical vision for what you are ultimately trying to accomplish in your children’s lives through homeschooling—a vision that will sustain you through the hard times and difficult days that are sure to come.

Raising Children to Be Intentional Christians in a “Whatever” World
Our children live in the midst of a secular culture facing a host of issues and moral dilemmas that we never had to deal with at their age. Because many children are not prepared to counter our culture, startling percentages of those raised in evangelical homes abandon their faith and beliefs as they move into adulthood. For this reason, training our children to develop a strong biblical worldview is one of the most important things we can do for them. Teaching them to think biblically about all areas of life equips them to become powerful thinkers, leaders, and communicators. Most importantly, it also gives staying power to their faith as they face opposition. In this session, Zan provides practical answers about teaching a biblical worldview to our children.

Motivated Kids Move Mountains
Zig Ziglar helps us get to the heart of an important homeschooling matter with this statement about motivation, “People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing. That’s why we recommend it daily.” Infusing our children’s lives with motivation can be difficult in the midst of math, whining, sibling rivalry, mounds of laundry, and the daily demands of life. We can, however, refuse to get bogged down in the to-do lists of life and remember that homeschooling creates an environment where kids can become highly motivated in learning and in life. We will consider four powerful principles you can implement in your home today that will motivate your children to become mountain movers.

Roger Wheelock

Parents, Your Worldview is Vital–Your Kids Are Watching!
The church in America is being pummeled today because Christians have not been taught to battle the ideas that are confusing and corrupting our children and our nation (2 Cor. 10:4-5). The church is not only NOT taking ground back from the enemy in the culture around us; but to the contrary, we are tragically losing whatever influence we have had in the past at an exceedingly rapid rate. We can’t model what we’ve not learned ourselves; therefore, this workshop provides answers detailing how we can quickly and efficiently develop and model a powerful, biblical worldview.

Scott and Mary York

Building Bridges to Your Adult Children While They Are Still Young
As parents we will spend many more decades with our children in their adult years than with them as minors. What can we do to ensure we have close and personal relationships with them so that they will reach out to us for our wisdom and comfort as they go through life?

Rachel Zwayne

Priorities of the Homeschool Wife
As a homeschool mom, your children can easily dominate your heart and mind. The responsibility of their education and the non-stop nature of your calling keep your plate incredibly full. Prioritizing your relationship with your husband is a real challenge, but is essential to the well-being of your marriage. This workshop will encourage you to get serious about treasuring your husband first and foremost, and in so doing, glorify the Lord as a homeschool wife.


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