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Convention 2018

Keynote Workshop Descriptions

Zan Tyler (Keynote Speaker)

7 Tools for Cultivating Your Child's Potential
When you look at your children, what do you see? Do you see little people making constant demands on your time, or do you see what God sees—lives brimming with possibilities? Author and homeschool mother Zan Tyler wants to take you beyond the demands of everyday life to embrace a life-giving vision for your children’s future. You will learn to recognize the signs of potential in your children’s lives—signs that are easy to miss yet ripe for cultivation. You will begin to see every facet of each child’s life through the eyes of faith and the lens of Scripture. You will be inspired as you realize the crucial role you and your family play in shaping the identity and gifts of each child. The Master Gardener has given you powerful tools for cultivating your child’s potential; don’t miss this opportunity to discover what they are.

Finding Hope and Help When You Feel Overwhelmed
Do you ever struggle as a homeschool mom? God’s Word provides hope, instruction, motivation, comfort, and real help. In this workshop, Zan opens the Bible to answer these questions:

  • How can I seek God when I’m always surrounded by children?
  • How can I overcome feeling intimidated or fearful about homeschooling?
  • I know the Word of God is living, active, and powerful, but can it really help me deal with the overwhelming responsibilities and daily demands in my life as a homeschooling mom?
  • I’m really struggling with homeschooling, choosing curriculum, and learning styles. Does the Bible get that specific?


Homeschooling—A Revival Movement (Keynote)
From teaching phonics to graduating teens, from refereeing fights to nurturing faith, our lives as homeschooling parents run the gamut from the very mundane to the very meaningful. In the midst of the mind-boggling demands of homeschooling and everyday life, we constantly need to remind ourselves that our work as homeschooling moms and dads has tremendous significance. Using the lessons of Scripture and history, this workshop will expand your vision of how God is using the homeschool movement, as well as your specific work as a homeschooling parent, to usher in spiritual and educational revival.

Ten Things I Learned Fighting for Family, Freedom, and Faith
In 1984, the State Superintendent of Education told Zan that he could have her put in jail for homeschooling her son. Zan knew this was no idle threat. The shock and fear that riveted her and the imminent threat of being jailed forced her to count the costs of homeschooling and decide if it was really worth it. Zan learned some powerful lessons about fighting for freedom, family, and faith that remain pertinent today. Our nation is once again at a crossroads where the liberties we often take for granted are at stake. We must all continue to work to preserve life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, while intentionally raising up a new generation of freedom fighters.

Why Christian Curriculum Matters
Choosing the right textbooks and resources is crucial. Dr. David Noebel said, “The biblical worldview was the nursery of Western civilization and the foundation of the American experiment in ordered liberty. Yet today, Christianity is in retreat in almost every area of our society.” It has not always been this way. Many of America’s founding fathers possessed a profound understanding of the power of education and textbooks to shape a culture. They knew that the philosophy/content of the textbooks matters. They believed that Christ was (and is) the “the only foundation of all sound knowledge and learning.” Homeschooling is a vital educational and revival movement, where you as parents can help bring Christianity out of retreat and back into the culture, through something as simple, yet profound, as the textbooks you choose.

Emeal “EZ” Zwayne (Keynote Speaker)

The Ultimate Goal of Education
Goal-oriented homeschooling is both noble and right. However, with so many possible goals to pursue for our children’s instructional future, how do we discern the right ones to focus on, and more importantly, how do we keep the main thing, the main thing as we endeavor to fulfill the ultimate goal of education? Along with exploring the true meaning of education, we will discover how to prioritize what truly matters as we train up our children for the glory of God.

Passing the Torch (Keynote)
Few would deny that there is a rising tide of atheism, and an ever-increasing anti-God sentiment in America. Unfortunately, not too many can put their finger on why this is happening. Why has godlessness become so rampant? Why have the youth of our day grown so violent?  Why is America forsaking her godly heritage? As we unearth the answers to these sobering questions, we will learn how homeschooling parents can powerfully and practically equip their children to have a Gospel-centered, countercultural influence in the world.

Unconditional Contentment
Discontentment seems to be an unrelenting epidemic that has taken the world by storm. Unfortunately, Christian families are not exempt from falling victim to its deceptive lure. As a people who are called by God’s Word to “Do all things without complaining…,” what can we do to avoid this destructive pitfall?  We will learn how parent and student alike can practically grow in contentment and gratitude, both in the homeschool environment, and in all other areas of life.

Ambassadors for Christ
Who are we really as Christians, and what are we supposed to be doing in life? While believers readily know the answers to these important questions, we will take a closer look at the privileges and responsibilities associated with being official ambassadors for Christ, and full-time ministers of reconciliation. We will be reminded that homeschooling is more than just about learning facts and figures. We will be refreshed by revisiting the life-changing truth that it’s a training ground through which redeemed and reconciled image-bearers of God are taught to love the Lord with their whole mind—growing in intimately knowing Him, and in effectively making Him known.

Compelled by Compassion
Compassion doesn’t come easy for the forgetful. As Christian homeschooling families who are daily surrounded by the things of God in our academic environment, it’s easy to become detached from the world and the importance of proactively demonstrating the heart of God toward those who live outside the four walls of our home—especially those who do things differently than us. Combine this with the reality that we are busy people who live in an increasingly diverse world, and we find ourselves failing to emulate the compassionate heart of Christ toward unbelievers, and our fellow Christians. We will learn how to fight this harmful tendency, how to be at peace with families who make different educational choices, how to avoid being condescending toward those who employ different parenting styles, and how to follow in the footsteps of Jesus—the One who looked out on the multitudes, and was moved with compassion.

Hal and Melanie Young (Keynote Speakers)

Ballistic Homeschooling
Find out why Thomas Jefferson wrote at a standing desk, how a whiteboard can turn on a light bulb, and why your son does the things he does. Boys and girls really do learn differently! Make school more fun for everyone and equip your boy with the learning he needs for manhood.

Giving Gifted Kids What They Need
We may hope our kids will be really intelligent, but what do you do when they are? How do you meet the needs of a kid who’s blowing the curve, racing ahead, and seems to need more? How can you help him fit in socially? What about the future–should he graduate early or on time? Hal and Melanie were labeled as gifted kids themselves and after parenting and homeschooling several precocious children, they have a lot to say about challenging these kids academically, helping them to thrive socially, answering their spiritual questions, and knowing when to push them ahead and when to broaden out their education instead. Learn how to meet the needs of your bright child and enjoy doing it!

Media-Proofing Your Kids
No matter how much we avoid it, we're surrounded by the messages of media, from our computers, to songs on the radio. Learn how to teach your children discernment, protect them from being manipulated by the messages around them, and instead to engage their culture for Christ.

Never Give Up (Keynote)
It’s easy to get burned out, tired and overwhelmed as the years pass, but the reasons we are homeschooling become even more important as our children grow up. How can we press on through the challenges of hormones, struggles with learning, and fear of the future and do what we know is right? This funny, hopeful, and encouraging session looks at the importance of finishing what you’ve started and making it all the way to graduation.

Raising Real Men
In spite of what the culture is telling us, boys and girls are different. Have you ever had a war break out in the middle of a playdate or had a single math lesson take three hours? Then, you're probably raising boys! If the world seems intent on gender-bending and forcing our sons into a feminized mold, Hal and Melanie, parents of six boys, explain the biblical way out, and a better way to turn wild little dirt-lovers into strong Christian men!

Struggling Learners in High School & College
At eleven, one of our boys was just learning to read and at fourteen he still struggled to spell three-letter words. Little did we know that he’d be reading ancient philosophers for fun at seventeen and that he’d go to college on a full academic scholarship! In this workshop, we’ll talk about how to help your struggling learners through high school (and give them a love of learning), how to get accommodations on the SAT and ACT, and how to find out what help a college can give them–and you’ll be surprised just how much they can do. Our struggling learner is on the Dean’s List at his college and getting accommodations that really help. Find out how.

Homeschool from the Beginning
When do you get started and what do you do first? We've had precocious readers and late bloomers, but every one of them has benefited from being homeschooled from the beginning. Learn to relax and introduce your little ones to the joy of learning in a gentle and realistic way that will prepare them to succeed academically.

Featured Workshop Descriptions

Jennifer Pepito (Featured Speaker)

Bountiful Homeschooling on a Budget
Homeschooling can be done well without a large budget, and in this workshop, Jennifer will give you tools and techniques for making the most of your resources, and giving your children a rich education despite your financial status. She draws from her 20 years of homeschooling experience to help you provide your children with a beautiful education and the ability to designate your resources towards a family vision.

Teaching History and Making It Classical, Memorable, and Fun
In this workshop Jennifer will show you how to use the Charlotte Mason and classical methods to make the study of history your child’s favorite subject. She offers practical techniques for using great children’s literature, timelines, and projects to make history come alive for your students, as well as incorporating other subject areas such as vocabulary, writing, and art into your history studies.

The Peaceful Preschool
In this workshop, Jennifer will provide many ideas for using picture books, projects, and independent work to meet the developmental needs of young children while teaching your school age students. You will hear scheduling ideas, book and game recommendations as well as humorous stories of how she managed to care for her own seven children during her several years as a missionary wife in Mexico.

General Workshop Descriptions


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