AC18-733 Compelled by Compassion – Emeal “EZ” Zwayne

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Compassion doesn’t come easy for the forgetful. As Christian homeschooling families who are daily surrounded by the things of God in our academic environment, it’s easy to become detached from the world and the importance of proactively demonstrating the heart of God toward those who live outside the four walls of our home—especially those who do things differently than us. Combine this with the reality that we are busy people who live in an increasingly diverse world, and we find ourselves failing to emulate the compassionate heart of Christ toward unbelievers, and our fellow Christians. We will learn how to fight this harmful tendency, how to be at peace with families who make different educational choices, how to avoid being condescending toward those who employ different parenting styles, and how to follow in the footsteps of Jesus—the One who looked out on the multitudes, and was moved with compassion.


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