Not all people and organizations listed are specifically Christian materials and not all are run by Christians. Families must investigate each website for appropriateness to your situation and philosophy. Please use your God-given discernment when choosing materials and companies.


Amen Clinics
Dr. Daniel Amen has information for ADHD and Autistic Spectrum. Clinics are in California

Bridges 4 Kids
A non-profit organization with news and resources for parents. A special section is setup for homeschoolers.

College Board
Information for testing accommodations for students with disabilities.

Dianne Craft
Dianne Craft’s website offers materials and articles to help teach children who learn differently.

His Place for Help in School
Many resources for teaching children with special needs.


Dr. Jan Bendel

Lindamood-Bell Learning Centers
Therapy for learning needs. Several in California

National Association of Child Development
Tools based on the child’s development. For gifted, typical, or special learners.

National Association of Learning Development
Therapy for learning needs.

Reading Rockets
Therapy for learning needs.

SPED Homeschool

SPED Free Resources

Stowell Learning Center

The Out-of-Sync Child
Carol Kranowitz’s site on recognizing and coping with sensory disorders.


Dr. Hallowell
This website has section for parents, information older students, and a free newsletter.

Dr. Russell Barkley
Includes fact sheets and a link to Dr. Barkley’s lectures.

Sizzle Bop
Carol Barnier’s very funny yet very helpful insight and materials, especially for the very active child.


More audio books. General resource. Reduced prices with membership (formerly Blackstone Audio)

Learning Ally
Audio books for the blind, dyslexic, and auditory learners. Membership required and you must have a diagnosis for membership.


Storyline Online

Earobics Step 1 and Step 2, computer programs for auditory processing


Autism Society of American
A website full of information on diagnosis, characteristics and life skills. A portion of the site is devoted to Asperger’s Syndrome.

Jennifer A. Janes
Jennifer A Janes’ blog with resources and links for sensory integration, etc.


The Critical Thinking Company
Books to teach thinking skills. Of note is the “Building Thinking Skills” series.

Difference Roads to Learning
A catalog of materials, including at-home assessment test Autism support materials.

A multi-sensory brain-training program. Also has an online magazine, A 2 Z of Brain, Mind and Learning

Growing An In-Sync Child
Both In Sync Activity Cards and the book by Carol Kranowitz and Joye Newman have excellent activities for all children, but especially for those with sensory issues. Blog here and other info.

KONOS curriculum is great for gifted children with learning glitches, sometimes called twice exceptional, or 2E.

Kurzwell Educational Systems
Reading tools for various learning problems including dyslexia, dysgraphia, as well as blind or visually impaired.

Phonics Tutor
This software, a complete phonics program with instant audio feedback, integrates typing, spelling and punctuation skills making it especially kind to the older learner. Not Christian.

Timberdoodle has materials aimed at right brain learning. They are now specializing in autism.

Workbox System
Sue Patrick’s solutions for organizing schoolwork. ADHD, Autism, curriculum supplement.


Beat Dyslexia.com
Helps for specific subjects including spelling lists and study skills.

Davidson Institute for Talent Development
An article on “Stealth Dsylexia.”

Dyslexia Correction Center, Ron Davis
The Gift of Dyslexia, a program to correct the problems associated with dyslexia. For professional intervention: Cyndi Coleman 949.338.1578 Burlingame, CA

The International Dyslexia Association
Research information about dyslexia.


Homeschooling Children with Down Syndrome
A free e-book from a Christian perspective

NATHHAN is a support organization for parents with special needs children. Of note is Straight Talk, a speech program to use at home


Academic Therapy Publications
Publishes assessments and supplementary materials for parents and professionals.

Brigance Diagnostic Inventories
Used by professional and parents to determine skills that a child has mastered or not mastered. HSLDA members receive a discount.

Help with Learning
Marilee Coots, neurodevelopment and counseling. Several evaluation locations in California.

Personalized Achievement Summary System (PASS)
Untimed test to measure academic growth for grades three through eight.


2e – Twice Exceptional Newsletter
Newsletter and resources for gifted kids who also have learning challenges.

Davidson Institute for Talent Development
Services for profoundly gifted students.

Gifted Development Center
A resource center for developmentally gifted children and their parents. Assessment, counseling, and materials.

National Association of Child Development
Tools based on the child’s development. For gifted, typical, or special learners.


Dianne Craft
Articles on nutrition and learning difficulties.

What’s Eating Your Child?
by Kelly Dorfman has solid nutritional helps for learning and other problems.


NATHHAN is a support organization for parents with special needs children. Of note is Straight Talk, a speech program to use at home.

The following Facebook pages support families of children with special needs:

Autism Discussion Page

Special Needs Homeschooling


Dr. Penelope Suter
Eye examinations and visual therapy. (Bakersfield)

Lane-Brecheen Learning and Visual Center
Resources for identifying and helping children with visual learning difficulties. Free online screening available.

Visual Spatial Resources
If You Could See the Way I Think, and other materials explaining how visual spatial kids think and learn. There is a quiz that is quite affirming for kids who think they are just dumb.