School Supply List

Obtaining Supplies

Most cities have a school supply store. Often they can give you a source for what they do not carry. However, a local source may be more convenient, faster, and cheaper than ordering online after you consider shipping. costs. Stationary stores, bookstores, and discount office supply stores carry many of the items you want. School textbook publishers also frequently carry other supplies. Of course, you can find many supplies available online as well.

These following supplies are for you as the teacher or are the sort of thing students can share. Some items, such as a good dictionary, are essential for all homeschools. Other items, such as a microscope, could be essential if you’re studying a particular subject. Finally, lots of these things are just in the category of “nice to have.” For example, a printer is very handy, but you can certainly homeschool successfully without one.

  • Concordance and other Bible study aids
  • Dictionary (Webster’s 1828 Dictionary is highly recommended, particularly for the teacher and older students.)
  • Basic reference books: encyclopedia set or CD ROM, atlas, thesaurus, etc.
  • Wall map or globe
  • Art supplies: paper, paint, paintbrushes, glue, finger paints, etc.
  • Equipment for experiments: microscope, magnifying glass, magnets, prisms, bug box, etc.
  • Math manipulatives (These can be purchased at a school supply store. Legos, beans, and other items around the home can be used as well.)
  • Notebook for lesson plans
  • File box or file cabinet for school records
  • Index cards
  • Dry erase board and markers
  • Audio/video equipment: cell phone, Ipad, Ipod, or a dedicated camera
  • Computer with Internet access
  • Home Printer (one that can enlarge is handy)
  • White board, chalk board, felt board, bulletin board
  • Games and puzzles
  • Library of reading books: storybooks for young children, classics for older ones.
  • Book shelves for that growing library
  • Office supplies: stapler, staples, and staple remover, three-hole punch, paper clips, etc. Remember, in addition to teaching your children, you’re now running a school office


Supplies For Each Student

These things need to be considered separately for each student. While students could certainly share a ruler and eraser, most homeschool moms have found that a separate school box for each child avoids waiting and arguments, and helps to teach children responsibility and organization. Again, what your own children need will depend on their ages and the subjects you’re studying each year.

As Christian home educators, everything we teach is from a biblical foundation. For that reason, it is important to have a good study Bible for each child.

Additionally, consider the following:

  • Desk and chair (Many homeschoolers prefer the kitchen table instead.)
  • A school supply box with pencils, pencil sharpener, pens, crayons, markers, eraser, scissors, ruler, compass, protractor
  • Notebook for each child
  • Crayons, washable markers, colored pencils for younger children
  • Paper, both lined and blank