Annual Homeschool Convention



Who could have imagined, when the world around us was shutting down over a year ago, what our lives would look like today. In spite of what was happening, CHEA continued to work hard throughout this challenging year. We provided virtual and digital resources and support to homeschool families across the state, many of whom found themselves suddenly and unexpectedly teaching their children at home. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve so many families!

While we have fervently prayed for and, yes, diligently worked toward having our Annual Homeschool Convention in person, we have had to make the difficult decision to cancel our event. We know this is not the news you were hoping for. It is certainly not the news we wanted to be sharing. It is simply not possible to host a convention under the guidance the state has given for large-scale indoor gatherings during the weekend of June 10-12. 

We expended great effort to explore a variety of options to make our traditional Convention a reality in 2021, including postponing until later this summer. The reality is there is no promise from the state that we can fully reopen on June 15. However, we know the venue will expect us to strictly enforce the mask mandate, including asking our guests who do not wish to wear masks to leave. Add to that everything that goes into planning our Convention and coordinating with speakers, vendors, staff, and volunteers with such short notice, it is just not feasible.

Those registered for the 2020 or 2021 Convention will be receiving an email in the next few weeks with options for your registration fees.

In lieu of our in-person event, our virtual Summer Series will be making its return. Details about these events on new and relevant topics for families at all stages in their homeschool journey will be released soon. We hope you will join us virtually and plan to be in person with us in 2022 (dates for that will be shared as soon as they are finalized).

We thank you for your understanding and grace in these unprecedented circumstances. Please continue to pray for CHEA and those who are part of the team who work to put these events together.