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What is a Private School Satellite Program (PSP)?

A PSP is a type of private school in which parents are the primary teachers of their own children. A PSP files one affidavit covering all enrolled families. It meets the requirements of California Education Code §48222, including the following: it is a private full-time day school, it offers instruction in all the branches of study required to be taught in the public schools of the state, and the school keeps the required records, which are turned in to the school by the parent/teachers.

What is a Support Group?

A group formed to offer support to parents who homeschool by hosting various activities which encourage parents in all aspects of homeschooling, i.e., spiritual training of children, academic subjects, social skills, etc. The group does not file an affidavit; each family files their own, is part of an PSP, or does not file at all.

What is a Special Interest Group?

A group which focuses on a single subject area or style of teaching, for example, a sports league, debate club, Konos Co-op, classical education group, history co-op, literary club, etc. Special Interest groups are parent-led and not-for-profit.

What is a Service Provider?

A business which provides services or products to homeschoolers. Included are booksellers, tutors and tutoring centers, organizations or persons who offer classes for a fee but which do not fall in the category of a school, PSP, or support group, stores of any kind, etc.

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