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Since 1982, CHEA has been California’s primary advocate for private homeschoolers. Your Membership helps support CHEA continue as your source of information, your encourager, and advocate. Please join today. Basic Membership costs just $35.


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A Guide and Beacon

CHEA is a guide and beacon to Christians considering homeschooling or needing more help in their homeschool journey. We offer this through Conventions, materials, the Support Network, Connection eNews, Facebook, Pinterest, free digital magazine archive, phone help available from the staff, and a home education consultant available 14 hours per week by phone at no charge. A Christian statewide organization is crucial because it keeps parents focused on why they are homeschooling, that is, training their children for the glory of God and to be consistent with God’s Word.

Free MP3 Recordings

CHEA offers Members free MP3 audio downloads of select Convention workshops. New Members receive three free MP3 downloads. Renewing Members receive one free MP3 download each time they renew.

Transcript Creator

The CHEA Transcript Creator allows you to create a professional looking transcript quickly and easily to position your student for success. A transcript is used for many things such as college admissions, submitting to an insurance company for a good driver discount, and to receive discounts at local qualifying businesses and theme parks. 


CHEA Member-Only Scholarships

Each year CHEA intends to award a $1,000 Susan K. Beatty scholarship to one graduating homeschool student who is continuing education in a college, university, or accredited career, or vocational school in the fall following high school graduation. The student’s parents must be CHEA Members and members of a CHEA Support Network Group.  CHEA also partners with certain universities to provide scholarships to those schools for members. Search “scholarship” on our website for more details.


Educational Resources

CHEA publishes the most crucial and comprehensive literature on homeschooling in California including:  The California Homeschool Manual: A Guide to Private Home Education, The High School Handbook, and the Preschool at Home booklet, among others. Our website is a wealth of free resources, relevant homeschool information, and Convention workshop recordings. CHEA recommends and distributes materials that should be the foundation for every Christian homeschool including The Firm Foundation Library, “a collection of books to help parents integrate a Christian worldview into the curriculum.” All of CHEA’s materials are available year-round in CHEA’s Online Store by phone order, or at a CHEA Convention. CHEA Members get the largest discounts.


Local Referral Information

We have strength in numbers, and no one should homeschool alone. The CHEA Support Network is comprised of nearly 100 autonomous groups found all over California, creating a large, unified network. You may have a group near you. If you don’t, CHEA can help you begin one. CHEA’s online Homeschool Directory provides an easy and accessible list of most of these groups, which include private school satellite programs (PSP) and support groups. 


Annual Convention, Networking Opportunities

A CHEA Convention is an uplifting opportunity for homeschoolers to come together for worship, support, information, and fellowship. They are a means to connect with other like-minded people dedicated to honoring God in the raising of their children, and provide opportunities for those with experience and knowledge to train others. It also provides a sense of legitimacy, as the success of others provides models to follow.



For just $35 per year, CHEA Membership provides discounts that can easily cover the Membership cost while supporting homeschoolers state-wide: discounts on materials, Conventions, and HSLDA membership. As available, CHEA offers other discounts for educational materials and family attractions. We offer giveaways and other money-saving information on our Facebook page as well.




There is a battle for our rights as Christians, as parents, and as homeschoolers. CHEA, in partnership with our legislative consultant Family Protection Ministries (Roy Hanson and Nathan Pierce) and Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), protects parents’ right to direct the education of their children. This unified approach with these three partners is critical to homeschooling in California.

Leadership Training

CHEA hosts a Leadership Conference each year in conjunction with its homeschool Convention. These and leadership seminars offered by CHEA’s Regional Advisory Board are provided to better equip those who are called to lead homeschool groups. All homeschoolers indirectly benefit as their leaders become more effective.

Advancing the Kingdom

Many find comfort and strength in knowing that there is a statewide organization like CHEA dedicated to advancing Christian family-based education in California. Your investment in CHEA, through Membership fees, Convention attendance, and donations, will help maintain and increase this ministry for your children and for the Kingdom. CHEA’s Mission Statement


National Networking

For more than 25 years, CHEA’s board members have attended national homeschool leadership conferences sponsored by HSLDA and the National Alliance of Christian Home Education Leadership. Attending these events has allowed CHEA’s leadership to gain insight and knowledge about homeschooling trends and leadership that they then bring home to benefit all of CHEA’s Members. CHEA’s Board Members are also regularly asked to share their expertise by speaking at these events or at times to the media, to represent California homeschoolers.