"Many hands make light work" is an oft-repeated adage—and it is so true.
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Why Volunteer?

Do you want to make a difference in the lives of families, particularly homeschooling families? Do you want to use your God-given talents and skills in a meaningful ministry? You can help homeschoolers just like yourself find information, resources, and encouragement by volunteering for CHEA. Together we can strengthen the California homeschooling community one family at a time as we band together.

Annual Convention Volunteers

Volunteers are always needed at our Annual Convention. A volunteer receives one audio CD for each session worked. A limited number of Convention volunteers may earn complimentary registration. To volunteer for the Annual Convention, e-mail beavolunteerannual@cheaofca.org.

What is Needed?

Most jobs can be conducted from home via technology, but there are a few that must be done from the office (Brea, California) for data privacy reasons. You can find a list of volunteer jobs and their descriptions listed on our website. We have tried to break the jobs down into the smallest components so that none are overwhelming.

A Call to Arms coordinator is the biggest job, and the first we need to fill. If you have administrative and leadership skills and want to serve the California homeschooling community, this is the perfect opportunity for you.

Volunteers are always needed at our Annual Convention. A volunteer receives one audio CD for each session worked. A limited number of Convention volunteers may earn complimentary registration. To volunteer for the Annual Convention, e-mail beavolunteerannual@cheaofca.org

Volunteer Tax Deductions Allowed

People who volunteer their time and expertise believe they have something valuable to offer. So, you may find it distressing that your services, expert though they may be, are worth a tax deduction of precisely zero. This rule is not unique to volunteer work; in fact, it is consistent with other tax laws. With only rare exceptions, the general rule is that you must spend cold, hard cash or give away stuff before you may claim a deduction.

However, you may deduct many of the expenses you incur for volunteer work, including:

  • the cost of hosting a party or fundraiser for the organization
  • advertising that you buy on behalf of the organization
  • supplies you purchase to be used in volunteer work, such as stamps and stationery
  • the cost of a required uniform (and the cost of keeping it clean)
  • telephone expenses
  • bus, train, or taxi fares
  • for your personal vehicle: parking fees, tolls, gasoline, oil
  • NOT allowed for personal vehicle: insurance costs, maintenance,registration fees, depreciation
  • cost of meals if you are away from home overnight (IRS Pub. 526)
  • childcare expenses while you volunteer.


    If you don’t want to keep track of your actual gas and oil expenses, keep a log of the miles you travel for volunteer work and deduct the IRS rate per mile (14 cents for travel).

How do I get involved?

It’s easy! Check out the list of job descriptions below; find some jobs that interest you and meet your skills; complete the apply here button to complete the form and submit. Instructions are on the form. We’ll be in touch. Soon! Need more convincing? Read a Why Volunteer? article here.

It doesn’t take a village; it takes an army. An army of dedicated volunteers who want to be a part of what God is doing on behalf of the private Christian home education community through CHEA. Join us.

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Volunteer Jobs and Descriptions

A Call-To-Arms [Volunteers] Coordinator:

  • The coordinator will assist the campaign by reaching out in his/her sphere of influence to publicize the campaign and CHEA’s need for volunteers, recruiting where possible, encouraging those in his sphere of influence to reach out to their spheres of influence to replicate the actions. Follow up will include keeping track of those contacted, those not interested at all or maybe just at this time (plan for follow up as appropriate), those who are interested in a specific area/job, and those who are interested but don’t know exactly where they fit in. Follow up and help the latter category and helping narrow choices down to a specific job. Coordinating with general manager/office staff who is doing which jobs, coordinating task lists, and tracking accomplishments. Assistant Coordinators can be used for some of the tasks as deemed workable.

Social Media Team:

  • Social Media Coordinator – The social media coordinator works under the direction of the social media or marketing department. He or she will be responsible for developing strategies to increase the fan base on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube by outlining a campaign calendar and conceptualizing tactics to increase member participation. This person is also the voice of those public sites, actively engaging followers in a dialogue in an effort to transform visitors into advocates for the CHEA brand.
  • 4 or 5 Social Media Team Members – Support media coordinator in actively engaging social media sites daily to ensure CHEA remains in the public eye. Ensure that all information about CHEA is accurate across social media sites/networks (videos, maps, photos, account descriptions, contact info, etc.)
  • Social Media “Posse” – a number of folks who would be on the lookout for posts to respond to immediately.
  • Bloggers – Those who already have their own blogs and are willing to talk about CHEA on their blogs. Also to write CHEA’s blog.
  • Blogger Coordinator


Convention And Events Team:

  • Facility Coordinator
    • (Facility Search Team – gather information on possible locations to host future conventions.)
  • Hotel – Works with hotel under the direction of the Events Manager.
  • Catering – Works with catering under the direction of the Events Manager
  • Audio Visual – Works with the AV company and at event under the direction of the Events Manager.
  • Speakers Relations Team – Coordinating speakers from the contract process all the way through the event (e.g., making sure all contract items are submitted in a timely manner, coordinating speakers’ AV and equipment needs with AV team,  handling questions and needs before and during the event.)
  • Related Publications – programs, guides, forms, flyers, press release.
  • Exhibitors – assist the Exhibitor coordinator.

    Special Events/Projects:

    • Site Search committee for events
    • Separate team with similar responsibilities as Convention Team:
      • Mom’s Night Out
      • Boutique
      • Special Needs Solutions

    Programmer/IT Assistant:

    • (Description TBA)

    Data Entry:

    • On site at the Brea Office 2-4 hours 1-2 times weekly. Training will be provided for entry and data systems.

    Design Team:

    • Graphic designers for publications and/or digital to coordinate and volunteer designs.


    • Management – keeping track of ads sold and placement on website.
    • Sales
    • Sponsorship Sales

    Editorial — Assisting the Editor as needed:

    • Editing
    • Writing
    • Proofreading

    Leadership/Support Network:

    • Network with leaders
    • Write/produce leadership newsletter
    • Leadership Conference
    • Support Network News Assistant Editor (layout/design skills a great plus)

    Community Marketplace Coordinator:

    • Promote concept
    • Creating pages on our website/or new website
    • Selling ads/space for homeschooling families’ businesses

    Membership Benefits Assistant:

    • Work with Membership Coordinator to find more membership benefits

    Community Events:

    • Someone to raise funds to purchase booths at community events
    • Individuals who represent CHEA at community events


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