CHEA is pleased to bring Walk through the Bible otLIVE to our Parenting & Homeschool Conference this summer.
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Walk Through the Bible

We are excited to offer Walk Through the Bible for all ages on Thursday, July 13. Registration for the full conference is encouraged, but not required.

Many believers are confused about the Old Testament–what it says, what it means, how to apply it to daily life. Some may wonder if it is even relevant today. Others are overwhelmed by it and don’t know how to read it. Would-be Bible readers often quit before they make it all the way through the Old Testament. What if there was an event that could actually inspire you to read the Bible? What if there was an event that made the Old Testament come alive in a fun, clear, and very memorable way?

We know that God’s Word changes everything. It contains the answers to the challenges that you are facing today. In this workshop, a certified otLIVE instructor will lead you in a fun and exciting event that teaches the big picture of the Old Testament. Attendees will learn the major events and people of the Old Testament and understand its storyline, maybe for the first time.


Walk Thru the Bible otLIVE

Walk Thru the Bible otLIVE

presented by Walk Thru the Bible

Ages: 3rd grade through adult (2nd and under may attend with parents at no cost, but will not receive a workbook)
: $25/participant (CHEA member) / $30/participant (non-member)
Class Time: 12:30 – 3:30 p.m. on Thursday, July 13

Class fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.