Family Focused Tutors

FFT provides online tutoring to K-12 students. Our Christian tutors teach 1-on-1 through a Christian worldview. We teach any academic subject as remediation or full-time homeschooling for $30/hr.

CASA – Christian Academic Support Association

CASA supports homeschool families as they create God-honoring and dynamic educational experiences. CASA is a support group; a place to come together for inspiration and dialogue amongst peers; a way to connect with other homeschool families, to encourage and offer...

Promises School K-12

We offer a Homeschool with School Support program, an Independent Study program, and Promises Online Academy (Christian based live online classes).


We are a small group of families that meet for class day twice a week and field trips once a month. We also offer support and information for home educators in the Julian area. We are a Christ-centered group and all classes and meetings are conducted as such. We...

Star Homeschool Academy

Star offers courses for Pre-K through 12th grade, and offers recordkeeping as an option. Star high school courses are WASC accredited and offer Foreign Languages, Visual and Performing Arts, courses for students with learning differences, an ASB club and in...