Calvary Chapel Christian School Grizzly Academy

Friday School K-6th; music available 4th+; 7th-12th Main Campus classes available; 6th-8th intramural sports; 9th-12th CIF sports; guidance for special needs and preparing 504 plan; cum file maintenance; teaching guidance; 8th promotion and senior graduation with Main...

CASA – Christian Academic Support Association

CASA supports homeschool families as they create God-honoring and dynamic educational experiences. CASA is a support group; a place to come together for inspiration and dialogue amongst peers; a way to connect with other homeschool families, to encourage and offer...

Promises School K-12

We offer a Homeschool with School Support program, an Independent Study program, and Promises Online Academy (Christian based live online classes).

LIFE Homeschool Group

Monthly enrichment co-op classes; Performing Arts program; Park Days; Field Trips; Moms Nights; Dads Events; Teen, Tween & Littles Events; Promotion Night/Graduation; Facebook Discussion Group.

Integrity Christian School

Integrity is unique being a PSP and with a Hybrid Christian Homeschooling Model for TK-12 grade in-person and at home. Our students have attended UC, Cal State, CCCU, the military, & trade schools. Field Trips, Park Days, Science Fair, Workshops, Prom,...