Former CHEA Staff Member, Sam Cordova, Passes

by Susan K. Beatty

It grieves me to report beloved CHEA staff member, Sam Cordova, passed away in 2020.

Staff and convention attendees will remember Sam as the friendly face wheeling carts of supplies and products around the convention venue. He boxed up everything to be shipped from the office to the event, delivered it, unloaded, re-boxed, and helped redeliver it for shelving back at headquarters. In the meantime, he could be seen working alongside other exhibit hall staff members assisting exhibitors and attendees with a smile.

Sam was such a special member of the CHEA staff. He was always kind and diligent, and there was never a dull moment when he was around. I have missed working with him over the last few years and am saddened I won’t see him again this side of heaven. 

Samuel McLean Cordova was born September 12, 1980, and passed away August 6, 2020.

We pray the Lord will be with the Cordova family as they hold tight to his memories and find comfort in the Lord’s grace.