Why Families Homeschool

Reasons For Homeschooling

California families choose to homeschool for a variety of reasons, including academic, social, and religious. Whatever the reason, parents are qualified and the best teachers for their own children.


Studies prepared by private researchers, universities, and the government show that students who are taught at home score higher on a variety of tests, including college entrance exams such as the SAT. Homeschooled students are accepted into colleges such as Harvard, Notre Dame, and the military academies. In recent years, winners of the National Spelling Bee and National Geographic’s Geography Bee have been from the ranks of the homeschooled. Beyond high school and college, students who have been taught at home are more likely to start and run their own business. (See “Homeschool Facts and Figures“)


For the past three decades, the number one question concerning homeschooling has been “What about socialization?” Many families are brining their children home from school because of the negative social impact of public schools. Parents are more concerned about gangs, drugs, and school shootings than ever before. Homeschooled children take part in as many, if not more, extra-curricular activities as their traditional-school counterparts. Opportunities for social activities including music, athletics, and play days abound with homeschool groups. (See “Homeschool Groups”)


More and more families are feeling that their faith is unwelcome in public school settings. With teachings that are contrary to what a family believes, families of all faiths are turning to homeschooling as a viable option. With a private education at home, families are able to teach spiritual values and provide character training. Many Christian parents believe it is God’s will for their children to be taught by their parents (Deut. 6: 6-7). In the private homeschool, all subjects can be taught from a Biblical perspective.