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Thousands of families in California are successfully homeschooling their children. While each family will find its own situation unique, requiring different schedules, curriculum, and teaching styles, there are a few tips which can help any family get off to a good start.

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Have you ever had one of those vivid, crazy dreams that you’ll never forget? I had the craziest dream ever last week. It was so strange that the first time I told my husband about it, he thought I must have made it up!

I dreamt I was a contestant on a game show that was a cross between “Deal or no Deal” and “Jeopardy”. I traded a new car for a 50/50 chance to win a house. But not just any house– this was Charleston Heston’s own house!

 It was a huge two-story mansion with hardwood floors, tons of marble and granite, a dream kitchen, a floor to ceiling fireplace in the living room, and a huge master bedroom with a fireplace and a balcony that overlooked the backyard. This house sat on acreage, and came complete with a waterfall that emptied into a pristine pool, a cranberry bog, and a quarter size train circling the property.

Leaving Time for Catch-Up By Sharon Collard

One of the things that drains me the most is being rushed or not having enough time to complete whatever it is we’re doing. Knowing this about myself, I decided, several years ago, to schedule in time to take a breather and to catch up on our work. When I’m writing lesson plans, I schedule four full days of work, leaving the fifth day less full with plenty of time for review and catch-up. Whatever doesn’t get completed earlier in the week is completed on Friday. This doesn’t mean that we slack off and purposefully leave work until Friday

There are some parts to planning your educational program that are the same for both junior and senior high. The graduation requirements for junior high will be different, of course, than the requirements for high school graduation, but the way in which those requirements are set is the same. Success in both junior high and high school will depend on many of the same factors, for example, the student’s attitude, his readiness to learn, how well your course of study fits your ultimate goals, and how well your requirements and assignments are communicated

Planning To Teach by Mary Schofield

Getting Experience…Gaining Confidence

By Debe Haller

The Lord has a lesson plan for us, things to teach us through our daily activities. Some learn these “lessons” the first time, while others need to experience them again. As we gain ex­perience in home education, we can see God has enabled and equipped us for this calling. This gives us hope for the future!

Protecting School Time

by Theresa Moore

it’s easy to get distracted by housework, phone calls and errands. But our children’s education needs to be a priority for us if we want them to succeed academically. As we make school the important part of our day, it will become important to our children as well. Here are some helpful tips for prioritizing your school days.

What is True Education?

By JulieBeth Lamb

is the number one goal for our children. I want them to really know God, to understand Him, who He is and always has been, in the Old Testament, the New Testament, and today. It is important for them to build a real faith of their own, not just out of obedience to us. Daily devotional time, including Bible reading, prayer and a quiet listening time, is a habit best learned at a young age.

Homeschool Priorities: Raising Godly Children by Mary Tanksley

God desires godly children (Malachi 2:15). As homeschooling parents, how can we achieve this huge...

Planning To Teach by Mary Schofield

The following is an excerpt from The High School Handbook by Mary Schofield. While written for...

Developing An Education Philosophy By Chuck & Pam Geib

If you were a fly on our wall you would have seen a very silly sight recently. There sat a middle...

Curriculum Choices By Susan K. Stewart

“What curriculum do you use?” is probably the most common question at any gathering of home...

Why Am I Doing This? Thinking About Homeschooling

Writing Your Philosophy of EducationUnderstanding why you want to teach your children is an...

Protecting School Time by Theresa Moore

As Homeschooling Moms it's easy to get distracted by housework, phone calls and errands. But our...

Goals of Spiritual Development By Susan Lemons

An important part of any successful homeschool is relationship. As Christians, helping our...

Homeschool Myth-Busting: PSA Edition

by Katie Julius Each October, we get a slew of questions that are based on misconceptions about...

Don’t Homeschool Without This!: Writing a Homeschool Mission Statement

by Carrie De Francisco What is the one thing every homeschool mom should have? It is a homeschool...

What is the Definition of a Homeschooler? By Fiona Pudewa

If I were to describe my life as a homeschooler in one word, I would say chaotic. Fortunately, I...

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