2022 Convention – Full Audio Bundle

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Bundle and save with the 2022 Convention Audio Bundle! Download the MP3 recordings from all the workshops at CHEA’s 37th Annual Homeschool Convention (see exceptions below).

Note: Due to technical difficulties we are unable to provide recordings for the following sessions:

  • Feel the Burnout (Christa Svoboda)
  • Where Did My Time Go? A Single Mom’s Guide to Getting it All Done (Dr. Laseanda Wesson)
  • Making Bible Time GREAT! (Barbara Bormuth Witt)
  • Memorizing to Think (Julie Walker)

Additionally, after 6/20/2022 we are unable to provide these recordings for contractual reasons:

  • Demystifying Learning Styles: Memory and Concentration (Part 1 of 3) (Tyler Hogan)
  • Demystifying Learning Styles: Modalities and Motivation (Part 2 of 3) (Tyler Hogan)
  • Demystifying Learning Styles: Growth and Goals (Part 3 of 3) (Tyler Hogan)
  • Curating Your Child’s Education (Tyler Hogan)
  • Objectively Evaluating Your Student’s Writing (Tyler Hogan)

List of included sessions:

  • The Gift (Todd Wilson)
  • Homeschooling From a Biblical Worldview (Israel Wayne)
  • Getting Started (Kristi Clover)
  • Help! The High School Years Are Coming! (Dr. Roger & Jan Smith)
  • Homeschool Success for the Type-B Homeschool Mom (Tauna Meyer)
  • The Power of Play (Andrew & Jenny Vandever)
  • Why Evolution Doesn’t Work (Lenny Esposito)
  • Five Essential Skills Every Student Needs for Success in Education and in Life (Brian Eliason)
  • Raising Children Who Know Their Identity in Christ (Barbara Bormuth Witt)
  • Unlearning to Make for Learning (Zsanae Miller)
  • Preparing Your Child to Read Well (Beverly Parrish)
  • The End is Worth the Middle (Dr. Scott Julian)
  • Getting Your Family Involved in Advocacy – What Can I Do? (Nathan Pierce)
  • Lesson Planning and Recordkeeping (Penny Ross)
  • Demystifying Learning Styles: Memory and Concentration (Part 1 of 3) (Tyler Hogan)
  • Essentials of Home Education – Three Keys to Unlocking Success (David & Shirley Quine)
  • Mass Psychology and the Propaganda Wars (Roger Wheelock)
  • Lone Wolf or Part of the Pack? (Rochelle Giordano)
  • Realizing the Opportunities All Around You (Olumide & Deanna Adefope)
  • Building Character into your Princesses (and Knights!) (Jeanna Young)
  • College Life: Challenges and Changes for the Homeschooler (Dan Johnson)
  • “Si Ja Oui Yes! You CAN Teach Foreign Languages in your Homeschool” (Iris Thot-Johnson)
  • Sanity Savers for a Homeschool Mom (Kristi Clover)
  • Writing a Philosophy of Education & Mission Statement: Mission Possible! (Rebecca Kocsis)
  • Demystifying Learning Styles: Modalities and Motivation (Part 2 of 3) (Tyler Hogan)
  • Transitioning from Controlling to Influencing Your Children (Dr. Roger & Jan Smith)
  • Helping the ADD / ADHD Child (Israel Wayne)
  • Charter Schools – Opportunity or Hidden Stumbling Block? (Nathan Pierce)
  • You CAN Be a Great Math Teacher (Teresa Foltin)
  • Playing Academic Catch-Up with Teens (Beverly Parrish)
  • Has Homeschooling Reached a Tipping Point? (James Mason)
  • “Why is Writing Difficult and How Can We Make it Easier for Our Kids?” (Greg Baran)
  • Truth: Foundations for Discipleship in an Age of Doubt (Mike Schutt)
  • Why I Can’t Ignore How Government Works (Nathan Pierce)
  • Choosing Curriculum (Penny Ross)
  • Demystifying Learning Styles: Growth and Goals (Part 3 of 3) (Tyler Hogan)
  • The Power of Your Child’s Emotion and Your Need to Understand (Dr. Roger Smith)
  • Invasion of the Conviction Snatchers (Todd Wilson)
  • Marriage Mistakes Homeschool Moms Make (and How to Avoid Them) (Tauna Meyer)
  • Salting the Oats: Creating a Thirst for God’s Word (Cara Shelton)
  • Confronting the Tech-Touch Challenge (Brian Eliason)
  • Reaching and Teaching ALL Learners (Barbara Bormuth Witt)
  • Does Science Make Faith Obsolete? (Lenny Esposito)
  • Get Outside! (Christa Svoboda)
  • Education: Does God Have an Opinion? (Israel Wayne)
  • The Four Homeschool Temperaments (Todd Wilson)
  • Legislative Update (Nathan Pierce and John McGowan)
  • Curating Your Child’s Education (Tyler Hogan)
  • Eyes and Ears to See and Hear – Teaching Art and Music (David & Shirley Quine)
  • High School Overview (Penny Ross)
  • Creating Community as You Homeschool (Crissi Allen)
  • There’s No Comparison – Different Academic Levels in your Children (Beverly Parrish)
  • “Math Myths Math Anxiety and Math Learning Challenges” (Teresa Foltin)
  • Enjoying the Early Years (Christa Svoboda)
  • How Can I Know What is True? (Israel Wayne)
  • How to Organize Your Homeschool – And Manage All the Materials (Kristi Clover)
  • Getting it All Done with Loop Scheduling (Tauna Meyer)
  • From Homeschool to Higher Ed: What Colleges Really Want (Dr. Lisa Dunne)
  • Busy Dads – Ten Tips to Engage (Nathan Pierce)
  • In Over My Head! What Was I Thinking? (Jan Smith)
  • What Kind of Homeschooler Are You? (Panel)
  • Teaching Life Through Literature (Cara Shelton)
  • Inspiring Youth to Serve (Olumide & Deanna Adefope)
  • Strategies for Multi-Level Learning (Tauna Meyer)
  • Understanding the Youngest Generations: How GenZs and Alphas Learn (Dr. Lisa Dunne)
  • Creating A Personal Rule of Life (Dr. Laseanda Wesson)
  • Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers (Rebecca Kocsis)
  • Why am I Homeschooling? Looking at the Big Picture (Zsanae Miller)
  • Is Homeschooling Just for Women? (Israel Wayne)
  • Juggling Job and Homeschooling (Panel)
  • All Work and No Play? A Christian View of Leisure (Mike Schutt)
  • Objectively Evaluating Your Student’s Writing (Tyler Hogan)
  • Can I Help My Child with Special Needs? (Beverly Parrish)
  • Fostering a Hate of Learning (Todd Wilson)
  • Family Unity Through Traditions and Fun! (Kristi Clover)
  • Prescription for a Healthy Marriage (Dr. Roger & Jan Smith)
  • Spark Your Child’s Interest in Technology (Andrew Vandever)
  • Want a Joy-Filled Home? (Barbara Bormuth Witt)
  • Homeschooling a High-Energy Kid (Penny Ross)
  • Serving God in a Crazy Culture (Dr. Scott Julian)
  • Teaching History Through the Eyes of God (Roger Wheelock)
  • Talking with Your Kids About Difficult Topics at Any Age (Christa Svoboda)
  • Discipling your Teens and Other Dangerous Endeavors (Julie Walker)
  • Biblical Basis for Parental Rights (Israel Wayne)


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