Support Network Application

Thank you for joining CHEA’s Support Network. Please be sure and read through the Support Network Brochure which has all the information about becoming a part of our statewide organization. 

If you have not read the Support Network brochure, we recommend that you read it now. You may wish to print or save a copy for future reference.

Email [email protected] with questions. Or call 562-864-2432 10:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Monday through Thursday.

CHEA Support Network Membership Registration

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Editor/Communication Manager

This is the person who will be passing along CHEA information to the rest of your group.
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Do you offer distance education (including online or correspondence) in which a student can enroll with no face-to-face meetings required, and which is intended to serve students from anywhere in the state? Choose all that apply. *
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Second Group Information

If you lead a 2nd group that is affiliated with the existing group (such as a Support Group attached to a PSP) you may add it to your listing for an additional $10. Unrelated groups require a separate membership application.
Second Group

Second Group: $10.00

Homeschool Directory

Homeschool Directory: All Support Network Memberships include a listing on the Homeschool Directory page of our website. Your listing normally includes the name of your group, type of group, county, meeting location, list of special services you offer, contact person, a phone number and e-mail address, website, and a description of up to 200 characters (including spaces and punctuation). You may choose not to have your phone number or e-mail address listed online. However, your listing must include some way for a visitor to our website to contact you. The Homeschool Directory is accessible to the public.
Directory Options *

Maximum file size: 67.11MB

Additional Information

All Memberships also include an invitation to CHEA's Support Network private Facebook group. You can include other members of your leadership team in this invitation. This invitation is for current CHEA Members only. Level 250 and 450 Membership includes admission for two to the Annual Leadership Conference. Level 250, 450, and Group Memberships include the Exhibit Hall Preview for the leader of record at the Annual CHEA Convention. If the leader is not attending the Convention, the attendee can purchase an Exhibit Hall pass at the Leadership Conference. Exhibit Hall Preview is 5:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. Thursday night.


Statement of Faith & Mission Statement *
2. I will cooperate with CHEA by engaging only Christians in positions of responsibility and leadership within our group or organization.

3. I will ensure that our members understand that our group will operate as a Christian group according to the principles of Scripture, even though our membership may include persons of another conviction.

4. I will support CHEA and its Support Network by conducting myself in a Christian manner while serving members of my group and my community.

5. No leader in our group is a leader of, enrolled in, nor employed by a public school program which enrolls home educators.

6. I will encourage members of my group, as well as other homeschoolers in my area, to become CHEA Members.

7. If I am on social media, I will engage with CHEA online by following, liking, sharing, retweeting, etc.

8. I will pass on news of CHEA events to homeschoolers in my area.

9. I will keep CHEA informed of local events by including a CHEA Regional Advisory Board Member on our local newsletter mailing list, e-news, Facebook group, or whatever means of communication that I use.

10. I will notify CHEA of leadership changes in our group during the membership year.

11. I understand that all Support Network Memberships are effective from September 1 and expire on August 31, regardless of my enrollment date.

I have read CHEA’s Support Network Membership Requirements and I am in compliance with them. *

Membership Plans

Support Network Membership Options
This Support Network Membership includes an individual CHEA Membership for the leaders of the group.

Group Support Network Memberships

The Group Support Network Memberships include a CHEA Membership for the group leaders, as well as for each family in the group. You must pay for the Membership and the additional families to get the discounted rates. Please email a list of Member families to [email protected]. Include last name, husband, wife, address, phone, and e-mail. An Excel spreadsheet is preferred.
Basic Group Support Network Membership ($65 + $30 per family)

Basic Group Support Network: $65.00

250 Group Support Network Membership ($225 + $30 per family)

Basic Group Support Network: $225.00

450 Group Support Network Membership ($400 + $30 per family)

450 Group Support Network Membership: $400.00

Number of Families

Families: $30.00

Are You New to Leadership or CHEA's Support Network?

New to Leadership? New to the Support Network? Groups joining the Support Network for the first time or groups under new leadership must purchase CHEA’s California Homeschool Manual. Prices below include CHEA Member discount, tax, and shipping. Please note that we will not be able to process your new Membership or renewal under new leadership if this space is left blank.
California Homeschool Manual Soft Cover

Manual Soft Cover: $25.04

California Homeschool Manual - PDF Download

PDF Download: $13.49


Level 450 Membership includes a banner ad in our digital e-news publications. Additional advertising options are available for purchase. Ad format requirements are in the “Fine Print” section of the Support Network Membership Requirements Brochure. Please indicate which format you prefer. Please list the month you prefer your ad to be published. Also please choose either a CHEA Update Connection or Convention Update. We cannot guarantee space availability, but we will do our best to fill your request.

1/4 page ad in CHEA’s Convention Program, if not included in your Membership Plan.: $150.00

Level 450 Memberships include a 1/4 page vertical ad in Annual Convention Program. The ad space is available by separate purchase for Basic or Level 250 Support Network Members. Format requirements are listed in the “Fine Print” section of the Support Network Member Requirements Brochure. We will send a reminder approximately one month prior to the ad deadline for the program. Prices are subject to change.

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Please mail your check to CHEA of CA 12672 Limonite Ave. #Suite 3E #514 Eastvale, CA 92880.
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