CHEA's Support Network

Thank you for your interest in being a part of CHEA’s Support Network. Support Network membership is closed for the remainder of the year, but will be open for the 2022-2023 school year soon.

2022-2023 Application Coming Soon

Thank you for inquiring about CHEA’s Support Network. We are glad to have you be a part of our mission of service to families seeking to homeschool their children in a way that will bring glory and honor to God.

We offer a statewide network of Christian leaders who work with families desiring to provide a godly education for their children at home. CHEA’s Support Network provides unity and strength for the private Christian homeschool movement in California by providing stability, a more visible presence to government officials, a larger forum for sharing ideas, and the ability to publish quality materials.

  1. We are experts in working with Christian homeschoolers. Since our inception in 1982, we have been dedicated to serving California’s Christian homeschool community. You will have the confidence of being part of an organization with years of successful experience in helping Christian homeschoolers.
  2. We provide Christian encouragement and top-notch training for leaders through our leadership conferences, webinars, and regional meetings. As a Support Network Member, you will receive a substantial discount on registration for these events if there is a fee.
  3. We publish the CHEA Support Network News, our bi-monthly e-newsletter providing information and tips exclusively for leaders of private Christian homeschool groups. A subscription is included with your Membership for you and other members of your leadership team.
  4. We offer a secret Facebook group exclusively for Support Network Member leaders to discuss leadership issues and network with other leaders from across the state. You have the option of adding other members of your leadership team to this group. CHEA Membership is required.
  5. We promote your group by giving referrals from our office and at our events as a free service to parents who are looking. Our referrals are comprised of our Support Network Members only so that we can be assured that each referral is to a group that will assist families in creating a Christian homeschool experience for their children.
  6. We promote your homeschool events via our digital publications, social media, and our website, Not only will you benefit by getting the word out about your group and events, but you’ll have a calendar of other events taking place around the state.
  7. We offer the Susan K. Beatty Scholarship each year to a high school senior who is graduating from home education. Only members of a Support Network Group who are also CHEA Members are eligible.
  8. We offer a public online Homeschool Directory which includes listings for all Support Network Members who wish to be included. The Homeschool Directory receives numerous visits each year. Of all the homeschool information, articles, Convention information and registration, book sales, and more on our website, one of the most visited pages is the Homeschool Directory. As a Support Network Member, you will benefit because your group will be seen.
  9. We have friendly office staff available four days a week to serve you and your group members. Just having someone available a phone call away to answer questions which arise in your group can save you time and energy. If you are homeschooling your own children and leading your group as well, we understand that you have a full schedule.
  10. We share your vision. We seek to glorify our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ through all we do, focusing especially on assisting parents as they disciple their children. By joining together, we become a “threefold cord” that is not easily broken.