doubtby Susan Stewart

If you must doubt, doubt your doubts – not your beliefs. – Unknown

For most of us the winter doldrums are over. In spite of the unusually cold weather in some areas, spring is coming and along with it a new spark in our homeschools—park day will start again! This is also the time to begin thinking about next school year. Will I continue homeschooling or not?

The downtime of winter can make even longtime veterans doubt their ability to continue to school their own children. For those of you in your first year, don’t fret about those negative thoughts that come up—like “I’ve ruined my child for life” or “I will be in a funny farm if I keep this up”—we’ve all had them.

The thing to remember is where these thoughts come from—the enemy, Doubt. You are not the problem. Your children are not the problem. Doubt is. Doubt is not of God; faith is. You probably made the choice to teach at home because you wanted to pass on your faith in God. That’s your focus; don’t allow Doubt to turn you from it.

Doubt creeps in so subtly and, like a white lie that grows, continues to slither through your mind and heart, leaving behind dirty little pieces. Unless those pieces are swept out occasionally, we will believe the doubt as though it somehow became a fact.

Before making a decision about the next school year, clean up some doubt dirt left this year. First, write down the reason you began homeschooling. If that was fifteen years ago, you may have to ponder for a while. I’m sure you will find one thing that you have accomplished.

Next, find an encouraging friend. I hope that there is no one still trying to go it alone. If you are a member of a homeschool group like CHEA of California, I know you understanding the importance of a supporting fellowship. There is someone that God has placed near you to be your encourager, allow that person the blessing of holding your hand.

Then gather with other homeschoolers. Find a park day or moms’ day out sponsored by a local homeschool group. Attend one of the Conferences and the Annual Convention sponsored by CHEA. If you want to chase Doubt away, talk with others who are walking the same road with you.

Now, look at your child. Don’t you see a really great person who is learning to serve the Lord?  You had a part in that. Thank God for allowing you that privilege.

Finally, tell Doubt to leave (Matt. 16:23). You have so much going for you and your family that Doubt has no place in your life.

Now, don’t the future years of homeschooling look better?

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Susan and her husband Bob began homeschooling their three children in 1981, graduating all three from high school at home. Susan speaks and writes on homeschooling for CHEA as well as for other organizations and publications. Susan is also the author of Science in the Kitchen: Fearless Science at Home for All Ages and Preschool: At What Cost?. She currently serves as CHEA’s Communication Adviser and CHEA’s Prayer Partner Chair. You may contact Susan at [email protected].