Here are a few things our supporters have said this week about CHEA:

Jamie De Silvia
I appreciate a few things about CHEA:
1. Local and web-based support for me as a school leader/administrator
2. Continual reminders to keep Christ #1 and focus on the spiritual call to homeschool.
3. Hands-on resources and great speakers at convention. While there is another convention in So Cal, it is not Christ-focused and they let anyone come as a vendor.

Patty Toledo Nieves
Because CHEA, along with HSLDA and FPM, is our advocate and is fighting a very real, tangible fight, not only for homeschool families but for all parents who do not want government intervention in the raising the of their children. The CHEA Convention is not just a marketplace and their workshops are not just venues for publishers to sell their wares. I know the economy is tough and there are cheaper alternatives for our families, but I believe that we, as leaders, need to help our families to understand that dollars spent to support CHEA serve a greater purpose. I believe it’s time to get real with our families and others who ask about the difference between CHEA and the GHC. The fog is rolling in and we need to be a light to help our young families stay focused on Jesus and be encouraged. That’s why CHEA is important.

Kristi Clover
Why I love CHEA.I don’t think people fully understand all that CHEA has done and does for private homeschoolers here in California. CHEA not only helped establish private homeschooling in CA, but also played a part in the formation of HSLDA and Family Protection Ministries. One of the key things that CHEA does for us NOW in California is to connect private homeschoolers with each other. They maintain a list of PSPs and support groups — that are all vetted to make sure that they are safe for us. This is critical for our success as private homeschoolers in CA! If we are not a united front, then our rights to homeschool could be at risk. I don’t want to see what homeschooling would be like in CA without CHEA.

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My family is so grateful for all that CHEA has done as far as supporting us in our “adventure” homeschooling from great books that helped us get started, amazing links & resources online, encouraging articles in their magazine, and their incredible annual conferences. I’m not sure that people understand about CHEA is that they are non-profit unlike many of the big conventions that come into town periodically to make money. These conferences have put CHEA at risk for closing. They don’t care about the welfare of our homeschool community. They don’t even come every year.

I really can’t say enough good things about CHEA They have blessed so many families in all of their 32 years. Thank you CHEA. This family of seven loves you and is praying for you.

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