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Each year at our annual Conventions it has been a long-standing tradition to take a collection for Family Protection Ministries (FPM). As the legislative arm of CHEA, FPM lobbies to protect our rights to teach our children at home free from government intrusion. Every year the good men at FPM, Nathan Pierce and Roy Hanson, read each piece of California legislation submitted with an eye to its potential damaging effects on private home educators. Once a potential threat is identified, they alert us of the pertinent action that should be taken. In turn, we are able to alert our Support Network groups, Facebook followers, and e-news subscribers, extending their reach.

FPM is uniquely situated in Sacramento. They interact daily with legislators and decision-makers, forming relationships and fostering understanding and support of homeschool. Each year they review the Private School Affidavit for any changes and advise homeschoolers how best to meet this requirement.

Without their diligence, California’s private home educators would have lost many valuable free-doms since its inception in 1986. The ministry of FPM is too valuable for California’s home edu-cators to not support. FPM is CHEA’s legislative consultant that we support financially and in practical ways. But it takes more than CHEA’s support; everyone who benefits from FPM’s work needs to support it. When we are gathered at the Convention seems the most logical time to highlight this ministry and encourage our attendees to support it.