Have a child with special needs? Struggling to find answers and help? Our Special Needs Solutions Conference (November 7, 2015 at San Diego Christian College) is what you need. For just $30 for CHEA Members (or $35 for non CHEA Members) you can get a whole day of practical help. We are giving pre-registration prices at the door! Full details, address, and prices here.

Here are the workshops available. Join us this Saturday!

SNSConf-Nov2014-343x243Marilee Nicoll Coots, Neurodevelopmentalist

Reading Readiness for Stronger Reading Skills
Parents will learn practical ideas and methods to increase reading readiness to prepare their children to become better readers. This workshop will provide information for parents of beginning and struggling readers.

Math Strategies for Struggling Learners
If your child is struggling with math, we can teach you some brain organizing and visual and auditory teaching methods as well as curriculum recommendations that have worked for many children.

Overcoming Reversals in Reading and Writing Skills
Reversals in reading, writing, and spelling have developmental root causes that parents can remediate at home. Practical ideas and methods to overcome reversals will be presented.

Improving Auditory Processing
Auditory processing is an essential skill for social understanding and maturity, maintaining attention, and cognition. Without adequate auditory processing, children will struggle with phonics, word problems in math, reading comprehension, and thinking skills. The good news is that auditory processing can be improved. Ideas and methods for improving auditory processing at home will be shared.

Nanci Lynch, MA/Special Education

Confidence to Homeschool My Special Child
Life can bring upon us much insecurity, and homeschooling children with special needs can be particularly daunting. This workshop will help increase your confidence in this special calling by emphasizing benefits, focusing on needs, discussing common roadblocks, and increasing faith in our Heavenly Provider, Equipper and Helper. In addition, there will be an overview of many available resources as well as sharing strategies for success.

Who’s in Charge? Dealing with Negative, Resistant, and Oppositional Behaviors Part 1 and 2
Teaching and learning reflect a beautiful and miraculous dance of sorts. Success requires appropriate behaviors and healthy interactions. Besides traditional learning difficulties, social–emotional and behavioral interactions are often impacted by the presence of special needs in the home causing added anxiety and frustration. This workshop will help us learn to study and evaluate undesirable behaviors and develop strategies to redirect, modify, or extinguish them. Understanding behavior, setting and communicating reasonable boundaries and expectations for the long-haul can help build a better teaching environment and provide for future opportunities for success. Behavior is not static. It changes with new life situations, and for families with students who have special needs, these are life-long issues that both parents and children must learn strategies to cope with and manage.

Dr. Anita Miller

Signs of a Learning Disability
This class will give practical signs that point to a learning disability. Some of the learning disabilities that will be discussed are: Dyslexia, ADD/ADHD, Scotopic Sensitivity Syndrome, Autism, and Asperger’s. Other disabilities may be mentioned.

Teaching Reading
This class will give practical advice on how to successfully teach reading to students with special needs.

Choosing Curriculum
This course will give practical advice on types of curriculum that a parent with a special needs child could use while homeschooling. It is important to understand that curriculum needs may vary between children, so different options will be discussed.

Carleen Paul

Teach to How Your Child Learns
A complete overview of visual, motor, and language processing as it relates to how a child learns, and possible interferences with that process.

Dealing with Dyslexia and Other Language Processing Disorders
This workshop covers what dyslexia looks like across all subjects, and how to work with both the gifted and struggling learner.

Recognizing and Dealing Successfully with ADHD
We will cover all aspects of ADHD including behaviors, brain wiring, successful teaching techniques, and affected family dynamics in homeschooling.

Aspergers Syndrome and Sensory Integration Skills
Recognize and deal with Aspergers, and issues related to how their sensory system burdens them in the learning process.

Attorney Griffith Vertican

Beyond the Comfort Zone
Learn how to push your challenged child to persevere past learning obstacles by cultivating integrity and becoming goal motivated. Attorney Griffith William Vertican will share his inspiring story about his personal struggle to overcome severe learning disabilities and how he went from being a student who was supposedly “never going to read” to instead winning the nation’s largest collegiate debate tournament and graduating from law school with his Juris Doctorate degree. Come hear the secret to his success and why he says “I owe it all to the three things my parents taught me.