Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) and Family Protection Ministries (FPM) have provided the following information about SB277 (the new immunization law) for the 2016-17 school year and following.)

Update November 2016: HSLDA has issued this five-page record-keeping guidelines document for SB277 compliance.

As of this writing, there have still been no regulations written/released pertaining to SB 277 (the new immunization law). For the time being:
Even though privately homeschooled students are exempt from required vaccinations for school attendance, HSLDA is recommending that home-based private schools maintain any valid Personal Belief Exemptions (collected prior to January 1, 2016) they may currently have on file for their students indefnitely. This will ensure ease of transfer from one school to another.  Also recommended, keep a PM286 (the blue card) on file for each student regardless of whether or not the student has received any vaccinations (per www.shotsforschool.org ). If the student has been vaccinated or partially vaccinated, fill in the appropriate dates on the PM286. If the student has not been vaccinated, write, “Home-based private school student per SB 277” on the PM286.

For more background on the law, visit HSLDA’s news.

For resources to help you make informed vaccination decisions, visit FPM’s website.

For general recordkeeping information for California homeschoolers, see CHEA’s website

Information about the Private School Affidavit. (step-by-step guidelines will be updated when the new PSA is available. File between October 1-15, 2017).