Scott and Mary York
San Diego and South Orange County

CHEA has several volunteer couples on the Regional Advisory Board who serve in various areas of the state. Meet our newest RABs!

Married in 1979, Scott and Mary promptly joined the DINK generation, dual income no kids. Five years into their marriage they came to a saving knowledge of their Savior and in 1987 became the proud parents of the first of seven wonderful children. Mary left the corporate world to be a full time mom, and their journey towards home education began.img_1512

Counting the Minutes
When their first-born, Scotty, reached school age they enrolled him in a lovely private Christian school. His younger brother, Russell, counted the minutes every day until his brother and best friend returned from school.  He could not wait until he was old enough to join Scotty in school thinking that they would be together again. However, it tore at Mary’s heart knowing that once Russell started school the boys would be on different schedules and still not “together.” Tipped off by a mom at church, she looked into Christian home education and liked it. Scott was skeptical, so she arranged interviews with two different homeschooling families in order for him to evaluate the viability of home education. As a result of these interviews they decided to try it for one year. They have never looked back. This school year marks year number twenty-two in Christian home education for the Yorks.

Twenty-Two Years Later
Along this 22-year adventure they have successfully graduated five of their children from high school, having two still at home. Mary jumped right into leadership with the private school satellite program (PSP) they joined and has spent the last 10 years as the principal of the school managing all of the responsibilities that go into administering a 400-family homeschooling support group.

When the kids hit their junior year in high school they were enrolled in competitive speech and debate, and that extracurricular activity became the family sport. When the need arose, Scott volunteered to start a national speech and debate league for Christian homeschoolers, a project that covered a span of four years. Scott and Mary’s motto is “If you want your children to grow up to be leaders, be a model of leadership.”

They consider it an honor and a privilege to work alongside the CHEA leadership and its members in the call to promote Christian home education.

RABS have leadership events around the state.

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