What Did Jesus DO All Day? Discovering the Teen Jesus (plus ebook study guide)
by Felicia Silcox
Reviewed by Karen D. Koch

Sometimes in studying the Bible and theology we forget that Jesus lived at a specific geographical location and historical time that can be studied. This book seeks to tackle those question of what Jesus’ daily life in 1st century Israel was like, shedding some interesting light on the subject. 

I really enjoyed this resource, and I know it will appeal to my children who are still in homeschool (ages 14 and 8).  Understanding Jesus’ context from a historical and geographical perspective is good mental work for our children, who are in the process of developing an understanding of the Scriptures. The years of Jesus as a young man are not detailed in the Scripture, but Felicia’s extensive research into Hebrew life, culture, schooling, architecture, history, and more provide a fascinating perspective on Jesus’ early life.

Despite growing up in Sunday school and church, I had huge gaps in my knowledge, particularly the geography and archaeological finds that support and enhance our knowledge of Scripture. This book fills that gap of cultural and historical information. Our children should know that history and archaeological finds support the Scriptures they study. The author discusses the Jewish home, work, schooling, holy days, and traditions, among many other topics.

As a supplement, the author produced a ebook study guide with book updates, suggested topics for study, links, and suggested activities. The color photos and quick access to information provided by the ebook will likely appeal to the young readers in my home. The book has discussion questions at the end of each chapter.

Felicia Silcox is a former elementary and junior high teacher with nine years of church-related teaching experience in parish high school Confirmation-preparation classes. She has also worked as a production editor for Prentice-Hall Learning Systems and is currently a freelance writer with over 85 published stories and articles. She and her husband enjoy their grandchildren, border collies, and raising apricots and sheep on a small California farm.

Morehouse Publishing
Copyright Apr/2013, 144 Pages, paperback
ISBN-13: 9780819227935
$16 Kindle, Amazon, paperback $17.97
ebook study guide supplement $2.99, Kindle

Drive Thru History with Dave Stott: The Gospels
 (18-part DVD series with 118 page study guide)
486 minutes, visits 50 ancient sites in Israel

We discovered Drive Thru History more than a decade ago, when it was a fledgling production. Drive Thru quickly became a staple in our homeschool. The kids and I became instant fans as we followed along on the architectural, theological, and historical adventures with the humorous and informative Dave Stott. We own most of the DVDs, but hadn’t had a chance to review the 2016 Gospels DVD set.

I grew up in church and loved hearing the historical accounts in the Bible. I wore out the maps and photo section in the back of my first Bible. So for me, there is something particularly mesmerizing about “visiting” the real places Jesus’ roamed during his time on Earth. The episodes are well-researched and fascinating. We plan to go through the entire series with our kids still at home (4th grade and 9th grade). We will likely pair the videos with a read-through of What Did Jesus DO All Day? (see review above).

In this Gospels production, Dave tours 50 ancient sites in Israel and follows, more-or-less chronologically, the events of Jesus’ life from the Gospels. Using Scripture, historical texts, and extensive research information, the DVDs are eye-opening and fascinating. Though they appeal to my kids, the content is engaging and fascinating for adults as well. We plan to use this series for a home Bible study for adults this fall.

If you haven’t seen Dave and Drive Thru History, you’re in for a treat. If you’re already a fan of Dave/Drive Thru, you’ll see that they have produced yet another quality product for your family.

$89.95 Amazon for 18-part DVD series and full-color study guide booklet.