by Christina Rivera, CHEA volunteer Membership Coordinator

Like a butterfly or a moth that comes out of her cocoon; so blooms a homeschool mom when her babies start to gain maturity. This is a beautiful thing to experience; welcoming all the blessings from many long challenges. I’m sure, if you’re right in the middle of all the baby business with diapers, naps, doctors, and fussing, you’re ready to hear that there’s a beautiful time of life that’s just as busy, but full of rewarding interest as well.

I’ve been homeschooling for a few years now, and because my kids ages are VERY spread out, I have had 15 years of schooling with little or no break in teaching someone to read until just recently. The “littles” become “biggles” and more “littles” fill in the gaps. I have always had those groups, and for awhile had the “middles.”

This is the first time in my mommy history that there are no more littles in the wings, sitting in their corner, needing a nap, having an ear infection, or running off down the street like their life depended on it. So what now?

Beautiful Benefits
Well, I’m not here to tell you it’s all sunshine and roses. It wouldn’t be fair. However, I would like to leave you with a bit of a beautiful picture. Let’s go through the day and let me list off some beautiful benefits of our labor.

Devotion–Ah, they all take turns reading! They interact and ask questions, answering yours. They can recite and give opinions. They respond so well to praise and affection during the cuddling with each other, growing in the Lord.

School time –Well, let’s just say that right now as I’m writing this, my used-to-be-littles are doing their OWN work, writing and organizing their day, and setting goals for the sessions of school. You know it wasn’t all a piece of cake, and it still isn’t, but when it happens, ENJOY IT!

Lunch–One gets the salad, one makes sandwiches. I make a smoothie. The boys are out doing their chores. We ring the bell for lunch and apart from all the banter, good-natured and some with ill-will, we have a pleasant lunch. The girls do the dishes. (It’s all worth it.)

Afternoon – Work is completed and they all scamper off to do their own things, getting ready for their soccer, choir, or AWANA evenings. I put on a crockpot full of something, and we get ready for some activity or another.

Now this is the best of it all. It doesn’t always work out so smoothly, but that’s kind of how it runs each day. Now this is a milestone, not a finish line. However, it is a freedom that you can savor and enjoy just as that beautiful butterfly can enjoy the newness of the time.

Take heart, dear mother. The harvest is the Lord’s, and the battle is still being fought. Draw near to God and He’ll draw near to you. Wrap yourself in His love and cling to what is good and noble. This isn’t the end of the story, and aren’t you glad? You’re going to see lovely things happen in your children’s lives. There will be pain for sure, but only for their building up in the Lord so that they’re ready for heaven. Rejoice in the now, learn and repent of the past, leave the future to the Lord. The best is yet to come.

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