Meet Jake
Jake Barrett began his homeschool journey in fourth grade after being bullied in his local public school because of his disabilities. Son of CHEA members Joel and Roxanne Barrett, Jake has been a part of Victor Valley Desert Christian Academy, a CHEA Support Network PSP group.

Jake has Asperger’s syndrome and an auditory processing disorder, presenting him with challenges most students do not have to face. His hard work and determination are evidenced by his accomplishments of earning a blue belt in Jiu-Jitsu and obtaining his California driver’s license. He is also a talented artist and enjoys drawing and illustrating.

Jake plans to attend Victor Valley College in the fall to pursue his A.S. before working toward a B.S. in Zoology.

Congratulations, Jake! We look forward to hearing you speak at the 35th Annual CHEA Convention in Pasadena.


An Out of the Box Journey
by Jake Barrett, 2018 CHEA Support Network Scholarship Recipient

Being homeschooled has helped me grow in areas which might not have been possible in public school. My curriculum and schedule were adjusted in a way that allowed me to cope with my struggles and improve my grades without any of the rules and standards of public school getting in my way.

Homeschooling has helped me tremendously with my learning disability called Asperger’s. It has liberated me to embrace and adjust to living with my Asperger’s Syndrome. Working in a carefree environment with no distractions or discouragements made me feel comfortable and secure.

The one-on-one teaching I received at home was also a big help because when I would struggle with a concept, my parents would help me get results much faster. I usually had my parents undivided attention whenever I needed their help. These working conditions helped me when I wanted to work on improving my weaknesses. For example, when I was first learning how to drive, it was difficult for me because of the multitasking and focusing on more than one skill. However, I was able to master this concept after driving for a whole year.

Homeschooling also had the benefit of teaching me plenty of life lessons. I’ve learned how to remodel a kitchen, how to care for and repair vehicles, how to raise and care for livestock from birth to butchering to consumption, and how to plant and grow fruits and vegetables.

I was also able to choose which subjects I want to learn about that I thought were interesting. I once was able to learn about World War II for history and go into more depth about the events.

Homeschooling has helped me with my confidence and self-esteem. Since there were no bullies around at home, that meant there was no one that could prey on my lack of self-control and the way I process information.

I was also grateful for how homeschooling gave me the time to attend mixed martial arts. It taught me how to overcome obstacles that I may confront and not to give up when I fail.

I’m extremely grateful for the journey God gave me throughout my years of homeschooling. I can’t imagine attending public school and ending up with the same results that I achieved through homeschooling.


CHEA’s Support Network provides one $1000 scholarship each year to a CHEA Member who is also a member of a CHEA Support Group and a graduating senior. Deadline for application is generally February 28 of each year. Jake will be speaking briefly and receiving his award at the 35th Annual CHEA Convention June 28-30, 2018 at the Pasadena Convention Center.