by Dennie Booth, SCOPE Chairman of the Board

Another school year is almost complete. For some, this will be the final year they homeschool their child. These graduates are moving into the next phase of life. Some will go away to college, some will enter the workforce, and some will do both.

This phase will test many of you more than the early years did. Helping a child decide which color shoes to wear is easier than helping them decide which career field to enter. Telling them what to do when they are five years old is easier than helping them to make wise decisions about major life issues as young adults.

If you are sorrowed over missed opportunities while your child grew up, if you are questioning whether you parented well or not, if you are worried about your child as they enter adulthood – be encouraged!

The same God who helped you as you taught them to read will help them as they navigate life. The Sovereign King who guided your steps as you homeschooled will guide their steps as they leave your home.

They might (they will) make mistakes. You did too when you were their age. God took care of you and God will take care of them. Behind the scenes, He is working to fulfill His plan for their life. It won’t always be easy, but it will be what God perfectly desires and designs.

God used you, will continue to use you, and will also use many other means and methods to accomplish His perfect plan for your children’s lives. As you trusted Him while doing math at the kitchen table, trust Him while your children enter adulthood. He is good and will always do what is best for them.

Join Dennie, Zan and Joe Tyler, and other inspiring speakers at the Sacramento Christian Organization of Parent Educators (SCOPE) Annual Conference and Curriculum Fair June 7-8, 2019 at William Jessup University in Rocklin, CA.

Dennie Booth, SCOPE Chairman has been a member of SCOPE and active in the homeschooling community since she began homeschooling in 1996. Over the years, she has served SCOPE in a variety of areas. Dennie joined the SCOPE Board in 2010 as Chairman. Her passion is mentoring and encouraging homeschooling moms.