by Rebecca Kocsis

“Do you swear to tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth …?” We have watched this scene play out in countless TV shows and films. In today’s courts, this oath is worded a bit differently, but it still places the same weight of importance on telling the truth. 

Many in the world today, though, would echo Pontius Pilate’s question in the Gospels, “What is truth?” The implication is that nobody can really know what truth is; that it’s some nebulous concept philosophers have been grappling with for millennia.

So what’s so important about truth, anyway?

As Jesus told Pilate, He came into the world to testify to the truth. He came so that we could know Him. Very basically, God defines truth; it is not subjective; and it is found in God’s Word. So that’s the place to start. If you want to answer Pilate’s question, start by grounding yourself and your children in the Word of God. For Christians, this is the foundation your homeschool should be founded upon. This should be the focal point of all your days.

Yes, we all love to talk curriculum and discuss teaching methods. Exploring and discussing the ins and outs of homeschooling is a part of our job. These are our methods, our tools if you will, that we use to reach our academic objectives. But that is not all there is. Rather, it is important to teach every subject from a biblical perspective. “When you remove truth from the equation, lies will fill the vacuum,” says Heidi St. John. Your students should be so familiar with the truth of God’s Word that they spot the lies of the world immediately. There should be no vacuum to fill.

Developing relationships with our children is a part of homeschooling, too, however, that’s not the end goal either. The end goal should be to lead them into a relationship with their Creator, the One who is Truth and Who will continue to lead them into all truth. Teaching your children truth is introducing your children to God. Ultimately, it’s about discipleship. 

Because God is truth and God is immutable, then so is truth. It doesn’t change with the culture. It stands the test of time. It is just as relevant today than ever. And it is powerful. The Word of God imparts spiritual power for disciples to stand in a culture that is ever-changing; that is growing increasingly hostile to Christians.

What a privilege it is to raise our children for Christ. Wise is the parent who realizes what a truly rare opportunity homeschooling provides. Most of us will never again be able to disciple another human being day in and day out for 18 to 20 years. You are shaping a person’s character and sharpening them to be of service to the kingdom.

Grounding your children in the truth, schooling them in the Word of God—making them into Christ’s disciples—this, my friends, is your life’s greatest work.