What sound is more beautiful than a symphony orchestra playing a well-practiced piece, with each instrument taking its turn to display its most beautiful attributes? No two instruments are alike. Each has its unique qualities of range and pitch and dynamics—played together creating a beautiful blend of melodies and harmonies.

Some children are a trumpet:

Bright and clear and true
Not easily put off or affected by others
Straight-forward and confident
They speak up and get their voice heard

Some children are a drum:

Strong and powerful
Deep and solid
Determined and unwavering
Not easily overpowered by others

Some children are a guitar:

Joyful and happy
Love to sing along with others
Feel at home wherever you take them
Always ready for a party

Some children are a piano:

A full range of notes with lots of highs and lows
Who can keep up with their energy?
Bouncy and exuberant, filling the whole room with sound
Always creative and surprising

And some children are a violin:

Delicate and fragile
Easily out of tune and needing adjustment
Sensitive to the environment around them
Quickly damaged by mistreatment or extremes
But in the hands of someone who knows them well and loves them with all their heart,
Produce the most beautiful sound imaginable
Reaching the highest notes, creating the most intricate melodies
Ringing true and pure and purposed
Able to touch the heart and bring an atmosphere like none other

Every instrument is perfect and beautiful and brings its unique sound.
Every child is perfect and beautiful and created just right to sing their heart song.
If you listen very closely, you may be lucky enough to learn to sing along.

Copyright 2011 Deb Wallace and Cindy Kirkland. Reprinted by permission of the authors. Deb  and Cindy are best friends and have both been involved in the educational realm for more than 25 years. Deb is the principal of a public elementary school and Cindy is a long-term homeschooler. Both of them enjoy seeing the light of Jesus in the children they have been blessed to oversee.