“All the world’s a stage.” A cultural and educational field trip available in many cities year-round is a visit to your local theater production company or community college theater.  It’s best to choose “family friendly” productions, but get on mailing lists for local theaters, and pick and choose carefully what you will attend with your children. Plot summaries and “ratings” may be available on the theater’s website as well as educational materials.

Many local theaters put on productions of Shakespeare plays and various musicals, and sometimes shows specifically designed for young viewers or with young casts. Local theater groups may also make “school matinees” available at reduced prices for local public school students.

Call and ask if there is a special school day performance and if a homeschool group would be welcome. If the answer is “yes,” it’s probably best for one or two members of your homeschool group to get out the word, arrange for the number of tickets needed, and relay this to production organizers to simplify the work on their end.

One person may have to buy the tickets and get reimbursed by members of the group, but it’s a great way to attend performances at reduced costs and as a homeschool group. It is also a positive way to foster good relations between your homeschool group and the community.