by Rebecca Kocsis

Have you ever had an inspired idea and pushed hard for its acceptance only to see it turned down? Then, after a while, someone else was able to see the same idea come to fruition? Deflated, you were sure you had heard from God. What happened? Perhaps you feel like you failed. You may fight feelings of jealousy and resentment. You could entertain all manner of negative thoughts and emotions. It helps to remember that you aren’t the first leader to be in that position. 

Consider King David. He had it in his heart to build a permanent home for the Ark of the Covenant. God even gave King David detailed plans for the building and all of its furnishings. But God did not allow him to see the plan fulfilled. It was a good plan. It was God’s plan. Yet it was his son and successor who saw it to fruition.

What hindered David from building God’s house? He was a man of war. His hands were stained with much blood. I doubt that could be said of any of us. Quite simply, though David was a man after God’s own heart, he wasn’t God’s man for that job. 

That’s an important thing for us to remember. Yes, yours was an inspired idea. Yes, those details you drew up came from the throne room of God. You did not fail. That was your part to play in the execution of God’s plan. For whatever reason, yours was not to do the building, but to do the planning. God gave you the privilege of seeing the direction He was moving. However, yours was not the season for the execution. 

So what did David do next? Get angry? Wallow in self-pity? Slander and gossip about Solomon behind his back? Undermine his authority? Do whatever he could to hinder the forward progress of the plan? Quite the contrary. David provided Solomon with everything he needed to succeed and commended him to the people of Israel. Solomon was given David’s full support.

When you see someone else executing one of your dearly held plans and are battling feelings of failure, anger, or jealousy, it’s time for a heart exam. What motivates you to serve? Is it the applause of men? Or the applause of heaven? Our motivation to serve should be nothing less than the constraining love of Christ. Our goal in serving should be nothing less than bringing glory to God. 

Bless the Lord for the privilege of allowing you a glimpse into His heart and giving you the knowledge of His will. You can take great satisfaction in knowing that you really did hear from the Holy Spirit. You were just running ahead of the Lord and His timing. Consider yourself a visionary.

Then follow King David’s example. Do whatever you can to see the plan succeed. After all, it is God’s plan. Perhaps you may play the silent and invisible role of an intercessor. Perhaps God will enable you to provide financially. You must also show your utmost support for God’s plan by commending His servant to those they are responsible to serve. Remember, your motive is Christ’s love, and your goal is to bring God all the glory He deserves.

1 Chronicles 28 and 29