by Tauna Meyer

One of the biggest struggles of a busy mom is making a habit of morning quiet time with God. We know we need quiet time with the Lord desperately if we’re going to survive our day, let alone thrive in it. We know we cannot serve our families and be gentle, joyful moms when we are spiritually starved. 

We know we need more Jesus. 

*** Heads up: There’s a link to a FREE download at the end for a Scripture prayer calendar! ***

Still, it’s hard to actually make morning quiet time happen. Sure, developing the habit and having self-discipline is a big part of it. But so is the season of life that we’re in. 

  • Interrupted sleep and exhaustion
  • A never-ending to-do list
  • Very little time to yourself
  • Fuzzy brain that makes it hard to focus

Sound familiar?

When we do find time to sit down with our Bibles, it’s easy to struggle to focus. And in the end, morning quiet time may not end up as satisfying as we hoped. 

Moms, we need to be realistic. The scene of rising before dawn, showering, and padding downstairs to read our Bibles and pray over a cup of tea … that may not be our season right now. (Especially if your kids are like mine and can sense when you’re awake.)

And that’s ok. Quiet time with God doesn’t have to look like that. 

Now, if you’re a mama who is an early riser and can manage morning quiet time during these early childhood years, then definitely keep that going and consider it a blessing! 

But if you’re a mama who is struggling and just really needs that extra rest in the morning …. take heart! There are other ways to be faithful in our quiet time with God. 

5 Busy Mom Ideas for Quiet Time with God 

1) Carve Out a Quiet-ish Pocket of the Day
Let me tell you a secret: Our quiet time with God doesn’t need to be in the morning. It doesn’t even need to be quiet! Here are some things I’ve done over the years:

  • Institute a “Bible time” in the morning where the kids pick a book from the Bible basket and sit read / look at pictures until the timer goes off. Meanwhile I’m doing the same at the kitchen table. It takes a few weeks of training but it’s worth it! 
  • Do Bible lessons with them and take a little extra time afterward for Scripture writing and prayer. 
  • When homeschooling is over, let the kids go play while I don my noise canceling headphones/ear buds and spend some time in prayer and God’s Word. (My husband got me the Apple noise canceling air pods, but these will work for this purpose, too. They don’t block all noise – just take the edge off.) 
  • If I woke up before the kids, I’ve hidden in the bathroom where I stashed an electric tea kettle and read my YouVersion app while I sipped hot tea. 
  • Teach them to stay quietly in their rooms until a certain time each morning, then camp out on the floor in the hall with my Bible to guard the doors 😆 

2) Pray the Scriptures
Many times, especially when I had a new baby or a busy toddler, in-depth Bible study or morning quiet times of any significant length were not happening. I developed the habit of praying the Scripture and it has been a blessing ever since! 

Simply read the Scripture, whether one verse or a whole chapter at a time, and pray through it. Incorporate the ideas and phrases in your prayers of thanksgiving, praise, and request. 

  • Put your favorite Scriptures on cards and a book ring and pray through them while you sit in the car or wait for appointments. 
  • Go through a book of the Bible and pray through it. 
  • Use a journaling Bible with wide margins and write your prayers in the sides as you read. 
  • Use a simple prayer calendar such as the one at the end of this post. Pray through it or more of our Read, Pray, Love Scripture calendars and resources!
  • Just open to the Psalms or Proverbs and pray through a verse at a time. It can be that easy!

3) Focus on Memorization
Memorizing Scripture was another habit I started working on with those little babies and long nights. While I nursed or rocked a baby to sleep, I would pray and practice memorizing Scriptures. 

This was especially helpful with Scriptures about overcoming anger or dealing with overwhelm, which is a common challenge for moms of young ones. Read more ideas for how to memorize Scriptures here

4) Use Tools That Make It Easy
I’ve definitely picked up some helpful tools for these habits. Keep looking for ways to make quiet time easier for your busy mama life!

  • Journal Bible – I use this to write my prayers in the margins. 
  • Scripture prayer calendars – I have them for praying for love (see below), joy, our husbands, pastors, homeschooling, and more. 
  • Mama’s Refill – This is an online Bible study resource from Doorposts that I LOVE. They’re easy, short Bible study lessons that are designed just for this crazy season, and many include lessons and activities you can do with the kids. If you prefer print versions, find those here with their Busy Mama Bible Studies
  • YouVersion App – Sometimes just opening this app is a helpful way to get more Scripture in! It also includes handy reading plans, devotions, and ways to connect with friends to do studies together. 
  • Bible Memory App – This is a fantastic app that you can use to help you memorize and review Scripture verses. 
  • Scripture printables – We have used these beautiful Scripture coloring pages and art prints to memorize Scripture together as a family for years. 

5) Creatively Add Bible to Your Day
There are many other ways you can add Scripture to your day. Just get creative! I have added Scripture art around the house, listened to an audio version of the Bible while I work, put Scripture-based music on while we homeschool, and more.

Read more great ideas on adding God’s Word to your day here. 

Heaps of Grace for You, Dear Mama

It’s good to keep looking for ways to grow in faithfulness and saturate your heart and mind in God’s Word. But if it doesn’t look like your ideal right now, give yourself grace! 

You have years ahead of you. There will be time for rising early and sipping tea with your Scripture. For now, enjoy the snuggles, get your rest, and anchor yourself to Christ throughout the day. Progress, not perfection. 🙂 

Get your copy of the Praying for Love Scripture printable!

This Praying for Love Scripture Calendar helps you use morning quiet time praying about love – God’s love, our love for God, and our love for each other.

  • Scripture calendar – 30 verses to read in your Bible, pray through, and write out if desired. I like using spiral notecard packs to write the verse and my prayer each day. A main memory verse is highlighted. There’s also a spot for you to record prayer requests you’re praying for and a place to jot down practical actions the Scripture inspires you to do this month to love God and others.
  • Kid’s journal page – Your kids can use this page to create a drawing based on the memory verse. There are also places for them to write down things they can thank God for, ways they can love others this month, and things they are praying for. I recommend posting it on the wall or fridge and helping them come back to it a few times during the month. 
  • Coloring page – Accustom-illustrated Scripture doodle coloring page for you and your kids! 

(You can also find more calendars here.)

I hope this resource is a blessing to you!

~ Tauna

About Tauna Meyer

Tauna Meyer is the founder of and author of the curriculum Sound Words for Kids: Lessons in Theology. Tauna is a homeschooling mom of six who speaks to women with encouragement that is relatable and tools that work in real life! She has a passion for helping moms overcome the hurdles that keep them from homeschooling successfully, all while pointing themselves and their children to Christ. She and her husband, Aaron, are also board members with OCEANetwork, the Oregon Christian homeschool organization that works to protect and expand homeschool freedoms in Oregon.

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This article was originally published on The Proverbial Homeschooler. Republished with permission.