by Camille Lopez

Summer is the time for planning for the next homeschool year. It is filled with expectation, hope, and the satisfying experience of it all looking good on paper.

And then there is real life!

There is no avoiding it, and it can really mess with “my” plans.  

“This year,  I’ll be ________.” (organized, productive, on schedule, etc., etc.)

But boy, can this be a trap, maybe even an idol. I can so easily put my hope into my planning, a new shiny planner, the right curriculum, or new supplies. As if these things will truly satisfy my desire or need for peace, love, joy, or security. 

Good things can take the number one place in my heart, above loving God and loving others–the two greatest commandments.

A good test as to the true state of my heart is how I respond when “my” expectations are not met,  or when the world, my family, or life doesn’t go according to “my” plans. 

This, my friends, is idolatry. 

This calling to homeschool is from the Lord. I mean, it takes some serious super-natural power to pull it off. Yet I take it and try to accomplish it in my own power, then wonder why I grow discouraged, frustrated, or angry. 

We take something having begun in the spirit thinking we can perfect it by the flesh. (Galatians 3:3)

“Darn, I can do this on a daily basis with my daily plans!”

But one thing is needed–sitting at the feet of Jesus, or, shall I say, returning to this place of humble submission before the throne of grace. The only way for me to keep my mind on things above is to slow down and take the time to turn over all the “my’s.”

“My” schedule.

“My” plans.

“My” kids.

“My” marriage.

“My” life. 

“…but only one thing is necessary, for Mary has chosen the good part, which shall not be taken away from her.” 

Luke 10:42 (NASB)

As a Christian, I no longer belong to myself. I am to live as a servant of the Most High God, and lay my life down. 

Only then can I really walk in love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, gentleness, or self-control. Only then do I find the strength to make it through the day. 

Life is hard. Raising kids is hard. Marriage is hard. Yet all of these are gifts from Him, for Him, and to Him.

My prayer is to steward what He has called me to; serving His people, loving them well, and living for Him.

About Camille

Camille Lopez is a mother of four children and entering, by the grace of God, her 14th year of homeschooling. God has been faithful to sustain their family of six, having graduated the first two, with two more to go. “I am an unlikely candidate to homeschool in many regards, but the Lord made it evident that He was calling us to homeschool back in 2008, when my kids were 7, 5, 3. and 1. If I hadn’t been called, I would have quit (several times!).”

Through this refining fire of homeschooling, she has learned to really love learning, reading classics, and seeing the bigger picture of education. It has grown her relationship and dependence on the Lord, and she is so thankful for His amazing grace.