by Rebecca Kocsis

It’s incumbent upon ministry leaders to be all in. That’s not hard because we are zealous for the Lord and passionate about the work He has called us to do. Homeschool leadership is purposeful work. Providing support and a framework for home-based discipleship is critical for the health of families and, yes, our nation, too. Eternal souls are in the balance. We have a front row seat, watching God change the hearts of parents and shape the lives of the next generation. If we aren’t vigilant, the work can take precedence and usurp God’s rightful place on the throne of our hearts. 

Now is a good time to take stock of the place that your homeschool ministry is currently occupying in your life, especially after a busy summer of planning and preparation for the new school year. How do you know if your homeschool ministry has become an idol?

  • When you skip church on Sunday to get your work done 
  • When you resent your spouse’s interruptions, thinking, “Can’t he (or she) see that I have important, eternal work to do here?”
  • When your children consider your ministry “the baby of the family” or worse, your “favorite child”
  • When you’d rather run your group than teach your kids
  • When you have no boundaries

Beware. Ministries can be cruel taskmasters. There is always something yet to be done; some important issue demanding your attention. You will find yourself serving in your own strength rather than the power of the Holy Spirit. Striving rather than thriving, joy and peace will be in short supply. 

After idolatry comes burnout. No matter how passionate, skilled, or gifted you are, you will come to an end of yourself and have nothing left to give. When you pour yourself out as an offering for the Lord, He will refill you so you can continue to serve in a God-honoring, life-giving way. 

I could go on, but I’m sure you get the picture. If you see yourself in any of the above scenarios, I would encourage you to once again “Sanctify Christ as Lord in your hearts …” 1 Peter 3:15a (NLT). Put your ministry back in its rightful place. Make sure the Lord is on the throne of your heart. Then your marriage, and your family, and finally your ministry. Then you will receive a steady supply of power to serve, accompanied by what used to be that ever- elusive peace and joy. 

Something to consider: our Father is much more concerned with the condition of our hearts than the condition of our ministries.