by Nathan Pierce, Family Protection Ministries

The CHEA Support Network has been one of the most critical pieces unifying the California Homeschool community during legislative battles since the early 80’s. It is absolutely vital that homeschool leaders throughout the state are aware of all the legislative battles happening, which is why this leadership network was created. 

What is the Support Network?
The Support Network is a network of leaders throughout California that homeschool leaders can rely on for help, support, and encouragement. Leaders receive the latest information and behind-the-scenes information regarding current legislative happenings and potential government interference concerning parental rights and homeschooling.

For our current level of freedom to continue, it is absolutely imperative that we maintain a healthy, stable, and active society of homeschool leaders and groups throughout the state. As the homeschooling masses rise up in defense of their freedoms and families, CHEA’s Support Network provides the central message delivery system through which to spread information. But we must be prepared before these battles happen. Each of the leaders who are a part of the Support Network must stay well-informed during the battles so they can spread the word about the dangers growing in Sacramento.

For example, if we were faced with a battle, I have no doubt many groups would rise up in a coordinated effort against any impending bills threatening to ban homeschooling. However, massive regions across the state would be dead silent, ignorant of the battle as the rest of us were fighting. How do I know this? Because it happened in 2018. In the middle of a huge Homeschool Freedom battle, we discovered there were large pockets of the state, including sections of the coast, the Central Valley, and even Los Angeles County, where homeschooling groups were completely unaware of any battle taking place. This massive hole in the network needs to be filled before a bigger battle arises.

We must not enable this story to repeat. Allowing ourselves to do so almost ensures the dissolution of our freedoms and the destruction of the homeschool movement as we know it. We live in the most populous state, which means we have a lot of organizing to do. But we are up to the task. How do I know this? Because we’ve done it before, and we can do it again. Thriving homeschool families throughout California are living proof of that fact.

Our homeschool freedoms wouldn’t be what they are today if not for homeschool leaders coming together during a crisis, informing the homeschool community of what’s going on, calling them to action, and getting them involved in advocacy, fighting to protect our homeschool freedoms.

That’s why we’re here now. If not for this cooperation and key important factor, CHEA’s Support Network, we wouldn’t be here. Please see how you can get involved today. See if your group is part of the support network and make sure you do everything that you can to be informed and to inform others.

“CHEA began supporting homeschooling as an organization in 1982. From almost the beginning, the leadership of CHEA recognized the need for not only a statewide Christian organization but also a need to have support groups at the local level to help equip the homeschool movement in California to grow and prosper. The goal was to help families be able to get off to a great start homeschooling by providing valuable resources, tools, and personal mentoring – this continues to be their goal today. And with the impact of the virus on the growth of homeschooling, the need for smaller groups to be organized and linked to CHEA is greater than ever before. Please consider joining with CHEA to advance homeschooling in California by working together to make homeschooling possible for more and more California families, desperately looking for answers on why to homeschool, and how to have great success! HSLDA’s partnership with CHEA has been a blessing to our organization, and I know it will be to yours as well.”
Mike Smith, President
Homeschool Legal Defense Association 

“We at FPM can only make a difference in Sacramento defending the right to homeschool if families are working together with us in an organized manner. CHEA provides an infrastructure for statewide activism and defense of private Christian homeschooling through the Support Network. With the benefit of support for your group leaders and your homeschool families, please consider how you can participate with CHEA in this critical endeavor. One simple way that homeschool groups can help us at FPM advocate for private Christian homeschooling in California is to join and support CHEA’s Support Network.

“CHEA has been working to network and support private Christian homeschool families since 1982. FPM has depended on that network to defend the rights of homeschool families throughout California since 1986.”
Nathan B. Pierce, Director of Operations
Family Protection Ministries

“CHEA’s Support Network has been so encouraging to members of our small group. Many of them feel isolated, spread out all over our large county and unable to attend events because of distance. When they see that there really are a lot of like-minded groups and homeschoolers throughout the state and that their leader (me) has a support system to help me support them, they are reassured and their resolve to continue is strengthened.”
Sandy Armstrong, Administrator 
North Kern Christian School, ISP 

“Being in the CHEA Support Network has strengthened our community. CHEA makes our work lighter by continually casting the vision of Christian private home education. Instead of doing it all alone, we are really joining CHEA’s already strong voice in this area. Especially now … the Support Network has become critical to helping us locate groups for worried parents across the state who we have encountered on social media. We might be a little local group, but in the internet age, we really make contacts and friendships all over California. Connection to the Network has helped families in our area find us. We send others to the Homeschool Directory so they can find the support they need in their hometown. If every eligible group would join, we could help many more families find their people!”
Susan Pineda, Administrator 
Association of Christian Home Educators of Ventura County (ACHEV) 

“Our PSP has been a member of CHEA’s Support Network for quite a few years. We have greatly enjoyed the opportunity to network with other homeschool leaders at the annual Leadership Conference. The conference provided much encouragement, support, and training directed toward those in leadership positions. What is really valuable is being a part of the private Facebook group for SN leaders which provides a place to go any time of the year to get input from other leaders on how they are dealing with issues in their groups. I greatly appreciate the feeling of camaraderie that these leaders have toward one another in trying to help each of our groups better serve the private home education community.”
Charity Silvers, Administrator 
Cornerstone Christian School

About Nathan

Nathan began working at Family Protection Ministries (FPM) in 2002 to protect private homeschooling in California. He was homeschooled himself from kindergarten through high school and received a B.A. in Political Studies from The Master’s University. Currently he serves as Director and Legislative Liaison for FPM. He works behind the scenes at the State Capitol, meeting with legislators to advocate on behalf of homeschoolers. He and his wife Betsy are actively involved in their church and homeschool their own eight children.