2024 Academic Achievement Study

A BJU Press Partnership

CHEA is working with BJU Press Homeschool and NHERI (National Home Education Research Institute) to participate in an academic acheivement study for homeschooled students.

BJU Homeschool’s Parent Portal

CHEA has been working with BJU Press Homeschool and NHERI (National Home Education Research Institute) to gather enough state-specific data for our own set of research. This has never been done before, and it is critically needed as we prepare for the legislative season. We had a great response last year and are looking to collect even more data to be part of this study. Please consider utilizing BJU Testing & Evaluation for your testing needs to help homeschool research in California and partnering states.

With the 2024 standardized testing season upon us, BJU Press can provide a more convenient testing experience for CHEA families. BJU Press Testing & Evaluation has been working with homeschool families for over 30 years, making them the most experienced and trusted provider of standardized testing. They know the process, and they are ready to help you through every step. Their service doesn’t stop even when the tests are graded. Just call in, and they will help you understand the results—including how you can use the scores to help your child.

We have partnered with BJU Press to offer the Iowa Assessments™. The Iowa Assessments achievement test can be used to test your student’s knowledge of facts, basic skills and concepts common to a specific grade tested. It will also assess year-to-year progress in your students’ learning. The Cognitive Abilities Test™ (CogAT®) measures your student’s logical thinking ability in correlation with the achievement test. Using the CogAT and the Iowa Assessments together can help boost future test scores and identify students’ needs.

Participate in 3 Easy Steps!

Step One:
Choose your type of test.

Step Two:
Order Your Test

  • Call BJU directly at (800) 845-5731 to order your tests.
  • Indicate when scheduling & ordering that you are testing with the CHEA (Christian Home Educator’s Association of California) ID number ZP8TPI4U and save 10% off of your testing purchase!
  • Setup your account on BJU Homeschool’s Parent Portal using CHEA’s link.
  • Make sure that you see CHEA’s ID number ZP8TPI4U and save 10% off of your testing purchase!

Step 3: Take the survey!

Complete the survey before your student completes the assessment!

*To complete the survey, you’ll need your student’s ID number.

Frequently Asked Questions

When can we do testing?

You can test anytime this calendar year (2024). However, if your student completes the test after July 31, you would need to select the grade your child will be during the 2024-2025 school year, not their current grade.

What is the purpose of the testing and research?

California specific homeschool research has never been done and national research has not been conducted recently. This data from testing will be used to create state-specific homeschool research as CHEA and our partner organizations work to protect the freedoms that private homeschool families enjoy in California as they meet with state representatives.

Does CHEA benefit financially?

CHEA does not receive any portion of the testing fees. In fact, registrants receive a discount on the testing fees by using CHEA’s online portal for test registration.

Who will receive the data?

Though CHEA and NHERI will have access to the raw data, no one will have access to any student identifiable information or family information. The data will only be used for the purposes for which we’ve collected it; California specific homeschool research.

Will my student’s identity be kept confidential?

Your student’s identity will be secure with BJU Testing. Students’ identifying information will not be attached to their scores when passed to CHEA and NHERI for analyzing and interpretation. Demographic information such as age, grade, number of years homeschooled, etc. will be used to interpret the data, but any other identifying information will be removed prior to being provided to the researchers.

Who can participate?

This study will focus on privately-funded homeschool students. Students who are under a single-family PSA or enrolled in a PSP may participate and have their data included in the research.

Do we have to do virtual testing? I want my student to do a paper test.

You can order virtual or paper tests through our portal.

Can my student’s test results from another source be included?

At this time, only tests administered through BJU Homeschool may be included in this study.

Can my homeschool group set up tests through this portal? We do testing as a group at one central location.

Yes. Your test administrator may use this portal to order tests for all of your group. They will need to exhibit that they are qualified test proctors before orders will be filled.