You can’t go to a CHEA Convention if you don’t home educate privately.”
Not true. Anybody can go to a CHEA Convention. When you sign up, we don’t ask how you homeschool. We don’t ask if you homeschool through a charter, if you’re an independent filer, or if you’re affiliated with one of our many Support Network groups. We don’t ask if you’re just checking out homeschool as an option. Foundational to CHEA’s mission is parents’ rights to direct the upbringing and education of their children. God gave those kids to you. We respect your right to choose how you homeschool.

FYI, another fundamental part of our mission is to promote private Christian home education, so you can expect to hear that as a recurring theme throughout the event.


“That’s just for Christians.”
The C in CHEA does stand for Christian, and we aren’t ashamed to say it. However, there is excellent content in this Convention that will benefit all home -educating families; those of other faiths or those who don’t ascribe to a faith. With so many subject specific workshops, vendor workshops, some giveaways, and an extensive Exhibit Hall, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth. Anybody can go to a CHEA Convention.

33rd Annual Convention July 7-9, 2016 at the Pasadena Convention Center


“Children can’t come to the convention.”
Oh, yes they can! And special this year, they can come with you for free. We do need you to add them onto your registration form so we know how many of you to expect. Consider it an RSVP. What hostess doesn’t like her guests to RSVP? It helps us be prepared to serve you better.

Just a little heads up, if you decide to bring the whole tribe: By all means bring your stroller, but be prepared to leave it outside the workshop rooms. Tuck your tiny one in your Moby wrap and you’re good to go. We know you know this already but think it bears mentioning, arm yourself with quiet snacks and quiet toys to keep your young ones quietly occupied while you and the rest of the mamas listen to the presenters. (Did you catch that less than subtle emphasis on “quiet”?) With lots of littles in the house, we really will be relying on those with kids to be considerate of everyone’s convention experience.

If at any point you find it a little too much to juggle the kiddos with the Convention schedule you can enroll children ages 4-11 in the Children’s Convention for an additional fee if space allows. (Hint: it’s less expensive than a babysitter, unless of course, your babysitter is grandma.) Children from birth to 3 years will need to stay with mom and dad, though. And yes, we have a nursing mothers room if you need to take baby to a quiet place.

Here’s a great article that gives ideas on how to successfully navigate a homeschool convention with littles in tow.