Most of us have questions in our heads we never ask aloud. Perhaps we feel silly asking or don’t want to embarrass ourselves. Well, I’m not one of those silent ones. I’m usually the person raising my hand in a meeting asking, “What about. . .” I like having information, and I find that there’s usually at least one more person in the room who was glad I asked because they wanted to know too.

Many organizations, including CHEA, provide a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) resource. Ours is here on our website. There we tackle the most, well, frequently asked questions about CHEA. But how about those things you wonder but have never asked?

We decided it would be fun and possibly educational (and we homeschool folks love that!) to answer your Infrequently Asked Questions (IAQ)

Q. Do I have to be a homeschooler (or homeschool all my kids) to attend the Convention?
A. Not at all. We believe all parents should be actively involved in their children’s education, and we would encourage you to at least consider homeschool as a viable option! We offer encouragement, help for special needs, subject-specific concerns, used/new curriculum and supplies, and so much more. No homeschool status is required to come, so join us.

Q. Do I have to be a Christian to attend a CHEA Convention?
A. Nope. While CHEA is a non-profit Christian organization and our workshops and speakers are chosen on that basis, we do not require any signed statement of faith of our Members or attendees. Again, we believe all parents should be involved in their children’s education.

Q. My kids aren’t school age yet? Would there be anything at the Convention for me?
A. Yes! We offer a FREE Mini-Conference for new homeschoolers (or those considering) from 5:30-9 p.m. Thursday, July 13, 2017 at the Pasadena Convention Center. Like the title says, it’s FREE, and there’s no obligation. If you like what you hear, you can certainly register for the rest of the Convention Friday and Saturday. We have workshops specially designed for parents of preschoolers, and lots of curriculum and school supplies to peruse in the Exhibit Hall.

Q. Is there a special “homeschool dress code” (denim jumpers, anyone?) required for the Convention?
A. Not at all. Homeschoolers come in all shapes and styles and all are welcome here. Our attendees come in flip flops and shorts, dresses, jeans, etc. We do encourage you to wear comfortable shoes as you’ll be walking around a lot, but other than that, come as you are.

Q. What does CHEA do besides putting on a Convention?
A. We’re glad you asked! We publish homeschool materials and audios (see our Online Store), provide a free educational consultant by phone, and work with Home School Legal Defense and Family Protection Ministries to spread the word on any legislative threats to homeschool. We provide a website full of information, a blog (that you’re reading now) and more! Our Annual Leadership Conference equips homeschool leaders, and our Homeschool Directory helps people find support groups and private school satellite programs. We also provide other events such as the SCOPE/CHEA Conference in Northern California, Special Needs Solutions conferences, and more.

Q. Is CHEA on social media?
A. Yes, we’ve been on Facebook and Twitter for years and strive to offer information that’s relevant and encouraging to homeschoolers including contests and scholarships, events, free homeschool days, etc. More recently, we have ventured into Pinterest and Instagram. We welcome you to join in!

Q. How long has CHEA been around?
A. Again, we’re glad you asked. This coming August (2017) CHEA will celebrate its 35th anniversary! We’d love to hear your stories or receive your photos of CHEA Conventions and activities over the years. Please send them to [email protected]. With your support and encouragement, we hope to be around for a long time, equipping and encouraging the private homeschoool movement in California.

Q. Do CHEA staff members get paid?
A. CHEA has no fulltime staff at this point, and yes, the small, part-time staff does get paid, although at non-profit rates. We are also supported by dozens of volunteers both in the office and at the Convention. All of our Board of Directors members and Regional Advisory Board members are volunteers. We strive to be good stewards of our finances, and to that end, will no longer have a physical office after November 2017, with all staff working remotely from home.

Q. Why should I support CHEA?
A. CHEA Membership is just $35 per year, much less than many annual memberships of other organizations.  For that you get discounts on the Convention and events, a 10% discount at CHEA’s online bookstore (and our bookstore at the Convention), a free Transcript Creator when you log in to our website, and a group discount on your Home School Legal Defense Association membership. CHEA stands on the front lines of homeschool freedom, advocating for homeschoolers and alerting them when dangerous legislation is in the works. CHEA is based in California and helps homeschoolers in California year-round.