by Susan Pineda

I didn’t want to homeschool. When we moved here, the school year had already started. I was worried for our tender-hearted, painfully shy six year old. How would he fit in and catch up if he was already weeks behind? We had no friends to help us adjust. As I reminded him we have to bravely face life’s obstacles in order to grow strong, he dropped the bomb. His exact words were, “Wouldn’t it be easier to teach me at home?” He caught me off guard. I honestly had no answer to why it wouldn’t be easier, so I promised to look into it. I figured I would do a half-hearted search and tell him it was too much trouble.

I searched the internet, found ACHEV (Association of Christian Home Educators of Ventura County) and called the area contact. (See how important those people are?) At that time, it was Sandra Yip. She warmly invited me to Mom’s Night Out. I pessimistically told her, “I’m new in the area. I don’t know my way around.” It turned out to be at the restaurant across the street from our apartment. I had no excuse! I went. I felt so welcomed and supported that night, my heart began to change about teaching my little guy at home. Many of the moms I met that night became close friends.

That summer, we attended the CHEA Convention for the first time. That is where we caught the vision! I learned there that it is not about academics, but about godly character, family, creative critical thinking, and lifelong learning. The vision kept us going through hard times. I remember someone telling me, “You don’t leave your marriage when it’s challenging. You don’t send your kids out for adoption when they are challenging. Home education is that valuable. If God calls you to homeschool, He will provide the way.”

So, homeschooling morphed from a short-term alternative for a shy little boy, to the core vision of family life. His little sister grew up never knowing traditional school. By the way, my boy felt so safe in our homeschool, the shyness melted away just weeks after we got involved in ACHEV. He graduates with a degree in economics this May. Both kids have thanked us for homeschooling them. We thank God for the opportunity, and the support He provided along the way.

This article “Words of Wisdom; Our Brief Home School Story” was chosen as the ” Most Inspirational” at the CHEA Convention Support Network Awards in 2016.

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